Translation Initiative: New Outreach Editors!

Call for Submissions: Poems-in-Translation

RHINO is happy to announce the appointment of our new Translation Outreach Editors, Maja and Steven Teref. Their letter is reprinted in full below. Please remember that our reading period is April 1-July 31.


April 24, 2017


Dear Reader,


As Guest Translation Outreach Editors for the 2018 issue of RHINO poetry journal, we are asking you to submit your previously unpublished poetry translations.


To provide you with some background on the journal, RHINO Poetry, founded 1976, is an award-winning, annual print journal that publishes poetry, translations, and flash fiction. We invite work reflecting passion, originality, artistic conviction, and a love affair with language. All poems are also featured online during the year following the print release.


We are currently seeking poetry in translation, especially, but not limited to, poetry from Eastern Europe and the Indian subcontinent. We award an annual translation prize; past winners include Farouk Goweda’s “Cause,” translated from Arabic by Walid Abdallah and Andy Fogle, and Cirilo Bautista’s “Song of Hong Kong,” translated from Tagalog by Jose Edmundo Ocampo Reyes, among others.  For more information on the translation prize:


Submissions are accepted from now until July 31st at this link:


When submitting your cover letter along with your work, please mention that you are responding to the call for translated poetry from Steven and Maja Teref. Please note that Steven and I will not be involved in the selection process. Your work will still need to go through the usual selection process, so there is no guarantee of publication. Also, there is no fee to submit to RHINO.


When submitting your translations, please include a copy of the original text though the original won’t be published if your translation is selected for publication.


If the original text is not in the public domain, please indicate whether you have permission to translate the text.


To help RHINO promote its poetry translation initiative, we ask you to please spread the word and pass this letter along to your poetry translator colleagues and friends.




Maja and Steven Teref

One Response to “Translation Initiative: New Outreach Editors!”

  1. Kip Vidrine says:

    Hello, I do apologize for the intrusion, but I have in an artist and a friend of mine is Vietnamese and I him about finished with a portrait of her and I was hoping I could get a translation in enemies writing for the word “Family”. If I could get something that I could add to this piece that would enhance it, that would be fantastic. I googled a few things and nothing came up with what I was looking for, or couldn’t understand. But seeing your byline as a translator. I was hoping I could just get one word in traditional characters for the word family. I appreciate your time. Let me know if you can or cannot help, I’m okay. Either way this is just added surprise to the peace. If you would like to see it click on the link for my website at
    Again, thank you for your time,

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