Translation Initiative: Vietnam

Call for Submissions from Vietnamese Writers—Poems-in-Translation and Original Poems in English

As part of our ongoing interest in poetry in English translation, RHINO initiated a three-year effort in 2010 to encourage submissions from poets in non-English speaking countries around the Pacific that may be under-represented in North American poetry journals. Last year’s initiative focused on the Philippines and Malaysia. For its 2012 issue, RHINO will spotlight poetry from Vietnam.

Isabelle Thuy Pelaud will serve as Outreach Editor to Vietnamese writers for this initiative. The RHINO editorial staff will make the final decision on all submissions based on each poem’s merit and effectiveness in English (in the case of translations).  Of course, we will continue to consider poetry-in-translation from all countries, as well as our usual English submissions.

Our reading period is April 1 to October 1.

Please visit our website for the Translation Initiative submission guidelines.

One Response to “Translation Initiative: Vietnam”

  1. Kip Vidrine says:

    Hello, I do apologize for the intrusion, but I have in an artist and a friend of mine is Vietnamese and I him about finished with a portrait of her and I was hoping I could get a translation in enemies writing for the word “Family”. If I could get something that I could add to this piece that would enhance it, that would be fantastic. I googled a few things and nothing came up with what I was looking for, or couldn’t understand. But seeing your byline as a translator. I was hoping I could just get one word in traditional characters for the word family. I appreciate your time. Let me know if you can or cannot help, I’m okay. Either way this is just added surprise to the peace. If you would like to see it click on the link for my website at
    Again, thank you for your time,

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