“I acted out little skits” – Nancy Robinson on her process for creating the Rhino 2012 artwork

Nancy Robinson, painter of “psychological portraits,” created the whimsical cover art and which also pops out of the pages of RHINO 2012. She graciously agreed to share her thoughts on this delightful pairing.

“Several years ago, I bought a Pinocchio puppet at a garage sale. I couldn’t resist taking him home with me. Pinocchio is my kinda guy: cute, Italian, diminutive, romantic, bad taste in clothing… and a consummate storyteller. Ever since then, Pinocchio has appeared in many of my paintings; I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of that 4” wooden puppet.

“When Rhino asked me to do a Pinocchio painting for the cover of Rhino 2012, I immediately emailed back “Yes!”. Within days I was crawling around the floor of my studio, playing with my Pinocchio puppet and a couple of plastic toy rhinos. I acted out little skits, made funny noises, and sketched what I saw. The results are pictured in Rhino 2012. I hope people have as much fun viewing my Rhino 2012 art as I had creating it.”

Nancy’s artist statement describes her general process for creating art, and you can find her full bio here.

Thank you, Nancy!

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