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We’re so pleased that our 2012 Issue inspired this thoughtful, cranky, intelligent, and generous blog post on the state of poetry today, written by Amorak Huey (one of our 2012 contributors).

“There is plenty of ridiculously good poetry being written right now, and it’s easier than ever to find good, exciting, new poems to read. I do not understand the compulsion of the Perloffs and Dana Gioias and John Barrs and their ilk to focus on poems they don’t like and to extrapolate therefrom that we live in a woeful era for verse. Look, if you don’t like a poem or poet, move on ………………..

“The poems in this issue of RHINO do not build toward clever little epiphanies or pithy bits of wisdom. They are not unified in subject matter or style. They evoke and echo our times. The recession is in here, and so are punk rock and Don Knotts and sex and death and autumn and childhood and longing and Pound and James Wright and macaroni salad. ”

from his blog “The Reading Life”- enjoy the post in its entirety here – Marjorie Perloff is wrong, and RHINO proves it

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