The Contents of a RHINO (2012) – a cento by Deborah Rosen

Note: Senior Editor Deborah Rosen composed this cento from the titles of poems in RHINO 2012!

Small Animals
full of magic words
Butterfly Incantation
Morning Glories

I’m there the moment it begins
Friday Night at the Haiku A Go-Go
domestic scene 1434 Dead
Poem for Saturday’s Apocalypse

I look out the Mughal window
In our Nuclear Summer
Three Million Ways to be Contemporary
Punk Rock Poem Grows Up
no one middle-named, only patronymics
Sine Nomine Patris, John Doe

Sux 2 B, The Author as Man in the Distant Field
Who Watches Mikey Get Electrocuted
by the Road and Guard Rail in The Ice Storm
Garden Song at a Cremation
Her Ex Sent Roses

Postcard from a Little Boat
For Dennis the Blue Whale
I Adopted in Grade School
An Only Child
Love brought me down again
Flower Power Seeks Pussytoes
What Gravity Means to Me
Skin Deep

Warning dear hippocrates
Epistemology Can Be a Problematic Subject
Truncated Truths, Country Grammar, Centralia, PA
Post Soviet Recession, Recession Poem #3
Morning Streets, Leningrad Shadows
Ah, if only the village were so small
You Don’t Know Iowa

To scale, yes, days to scale,
even when they grow so cluttered
A Visit to Bunuel’s Ophthalmologist
Learning Swahili, Letter to My Mother
Taking My Daughter Who Was Not Born
to See Her Grandfather Who Is Already Dead,
Housecleaning Venus, Raising the Kundalini,
My Sore Toe, Pedicures, The Bright Rooms,
Housekeeping, Preparing the Beans, Elementary
English Grains, Abuela Was Meticulous With Rice

Dream with Omen
a history of my complexion
My Answer

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