Q28 at the AWP Bookfair – our famous bookmarks, new t-shirts, and beautiful RHINOs

Find us at the AWP Bookfair, March 7 – 9, 2013

Table Q28

MCome meet the editors!

Fancy T-shirts, journals, and our famous free RHINO bookmarks will be available, along with our gorgeous RHINO 2012 issue, and a sneak peak at RHINO 2013!


We love to meet our writers and readers. A favorite quote from last year: “I just had to tell you that I moved across the country and could only take 3 books. RHINO was one of them.”


Also at our table:
RHINO is proud to host the Afghan Women’s Writing Program book sales – The Sky is a Nest of Swallows (affiliated with Associate Editor Valerie Wallace)


Associate Editor Andrea Witzke Slot will be signing her book To  Find a New Beauty at the table on Friday from 1-2 pm


Associate Editor Jacob Saenz at Run AWP basketball!


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