Inspired by RHINO, Von Steuben Students Launch Poetry Magazine Ricochet Review

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Ricochet Review and Von Steuben student Maria De Leon  with teacher, poetry translator, and Ricochet Review co-founder Maja Teref at the RHINO 2013 release party.

RHINO inspired recently launched high school lit mag, Ricochet Review. “The seeds for Ricochet were planted last spring when Maja Teref invited Von Steuben Principal Pedro Alonso to a reading sponsored by Rhino Poetry . . .” Read the article here.


RHINO poet Steven Teref and co-founder of Ricochet Review recalls that Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center Principal Pedro Alonso attended to hear teacher Maja Teref and him read a poem they translated that was published in the 2012 issue. During the reading, Mr. Alonso was inspired by RHINO’s readers and the high quality of the magazine. After the reading, Mr. Alonso asked the Terefs what it would take to start a poetry magazine at Von Steuben MSC. From that conversation, Ricochet Review was born.


Ricochet Review is a student-run magazine that publishes high school poets who’ve been mentored by established poets. The magazine publishes work by the students and their mentors, and reflections by them about the mentoring process and what each learned from the other.


A year later, Ricochet Review editors and poets came to hear RHINO’s poets read work published in the 2013 issue. Shortly after, RHINO editors came to Ricochet Review’s inaugural release party. To date editors Virginia Bell, Angela Narciso Torres, and Jacob Saenz are now mentoring student poets for Ricochet Review’s second issue.

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Poet and Ricochet Review Editor Steven Teref with three Von Steuben and Ricochet Review students.


RHINO editor Virginia Bell on her experience: “As the title “Ricochet” suggests, the brilliance of this journal comes from the interplay between pairs of writers, so-called apprentice poets and master poets.  In the past month of mentoring a high school student writer, I have been startled, moved, inspired, and reminded of why my life involves reading, writing, and teaching poetry at all.”

Novice writers have the gift of what Dean Young calls “the art of recklessness,” the ability to take risks while writing, to write with abandon, and to write without too much self-censorship. What often emerges is a natural wellspring of technique, as well as profound motivation.  Their work is driven by a refreshingly urgent need for expression.  Although my job is to help a young writer become more conscious and aware of craft, and to practice revision, I am learning anew as much as I am guiding and teaching.  A mutual and reciprocal relationship–a kind of collaboration really–is at the heart of this wonderful new journal.”


RHINO editor Angela Narciso Torres: “As a graduate of a low-residency MFA program at whose heart lies one-on-one individualized instruction through regular correspondence between mentor and student, I jumped at the chance to participate as a mentor in Maja and Steven Teref’s high school poetry program. Having been on the receiving end of rigorous critique of my poems, careful attention to what makes each poem work, and honest ongoing assessments of my strengths and weaknesses as a poet—all from the hands of trusted and knowledgeable master poets in a mentorship role—I felt this high school program was the perfect opportunity for me to give back. What a gift it would be if all young aspiring poets could be granted access to a community of writers who cared about as much as they did about their own poetry.  Ricochet’s mentorship program is a sure step in this direction, and I am proud to be part of it.”

Ricochet Review Release Party with Maja Teref, Angela Narciso Torres, Josalyn Knapic, Steven Teref, Von Steuben MSC Principal Pedro Alonso, Jacob Saenz, Kenyatta Rogers.  (photo courtesy Ricochet Review).

Ricochet Review Release Party with Maja Teref, Angela Narciso Torres, Josalyn Knapic, Steven Teref, Von Steuben MSC Principal Pedro Alonso, Jacob Saenz, Kenyatta Rogers. (photo courtesy Ricochet Review).

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