RHINO received ~12,000 poems for the 2014 issue!!



For our 2014 ssue,

  • we received approximately 12,000 poems
  • from 30 states, led by Illinois, Ohio, California, Washington, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan and Colorado
  • and poets from overseas including Germany, Slovenia and Israel
  • 90-95% of our submissions were electronic
  • we published 7 poems in translation, including work originally in Arabic, Faroese, Persian, Slovenian, French, and Spanish
  • we published a total of 109 poems, happily!

6 Responses to “RHINO received ~12,000 poems for the 2014 issue!!”

  1. Susie Ellis says:

    Hi folks, would you be interested in figuring out hoe to partner to further rhino conservation?

    Best regards, Susie Ellis, International Rhino Foundation

  2. admin says:

    Dear Susie Ellis,
    Thank you for your inquiry. We are a literary journal but you can always send us information to editors@rhinopoetry.org. Thanks!

  3. Ron Vertone says:

    Helen says that the “12,000 poems received” is an inflated number. Doesn’t know how the rumor got started. More like 3,000 poems–which is awesome enough.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Ron,

    At 3-5 poems per each of 3,000 submissions, we’re at nearly 12,000 poems. It’s not a rumor!

    Valerie Wallace
    Associate Editor

  5. Kevin Eickmeier says:

    How would I go about sending in entries for the 2015 edition?

  6. admin says:

    The 2015 submission window is closed but you may submit for 2015 starting April 1. http://rhinopoetry.org/submit/

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