Deborah Nodler Rosen

debbyHappenstance is the word that best describes Deborah Nodler Rosen’s career and life. Since the first poets her mother happened to read to her at three were Christopher Robin and Edna St. Vincent Millay, her poems still carry their cadence—poems that have been published in Third Coast, Spoon River Poetry Review, Cream City Review, The Cento, Sou’wester, Brute Neighbors, The Journal of Northwestern University, Journal of Modern Poetry, 14th edition, New Poetry Appreciation, Kunming, China, and many other journals. One poem was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Books include: WHERE WE FIND OURSELVES and Anwar el-Sadat.


Happenstance is in full flower at RHINO where poems arrive from around the country and world—each voice audacious, each image unique—a gift of surprise and wonder for any season. Rosen has never determined how, but finds it fascinating that the poems in each issue happen to cohere around a single theme.


Rosen enjoys teaching poetry to public school children under a KIDS MEET ART program. Their joy in discovering their ability to write poems is similar to that of poets attending Rhino poetry workshops or Rhino poetry readings. Rhino is dedicated to bringing poetry into many venues and making poetry happen.