Gail Goepfert


Gail Goepfert spent half a lifetime in the classroom as teacher and now savors time spent as a student of poetry and poets. Her first book, in gratitude for days gone by, combines her nature photographs with poems they inspired; she’s at home with image and the visual arts. In 2015, her first chapbook, A Mind on Pain, was published by Finishing Line Press. Friends will tell you that she once proclaimed over dinner “Shakespeare changed my life.” It had a synthesizing effect she was never able to explain. She’s been published in After Hours, Florida English, Room Magazine, Crab Orchard Review, and The Examined Life Journal among others. The Chicago Botanic Garden in all seasons is a faithful muse.

As an editor, she’s drawn to the lyrical or to a deftly-drawn scene, and in particular, to poetry whose richness resides in its language—as in “The Mannequin’s Comb” by Joanne Clarkson’s poem published in RHINO 2014 and Monika Zobel’s “Wind (Blackbox)” in the 2015 RHINO. Truthfully, she finds herself taken with styles and language and sensibilities that surprise her.