Paladin Award

The Paladin Award

“For extraordinary long-term contribution to poetry in Illinois”

Given by the Editors of RHINO

The 2014 Paladin Award is given to Allison Joseph

Teacher, Editor, Poet, Innovator, Mentor
The 2014 Paladin Award will be presented to Allison Joseph on April 25, 2014

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The 2013 Paladin Award was given to Barry Silesky
Founding Editor of ACM, Poet, Teacher, Activist, Mentor
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The 2012 Paladin Award was given to Michael Anderson
Poet, Editor, Philanthropist, Business Leader, Friend of RHINO
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The 2011 Paladin Award was given to Alice George
Teacher, Editor Extraordinaire, Mentor

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The 2010 Paladin Award was given to Ron Offen
American poet, playwright, critic, editor, and theater producer, and founder of Free Lunch

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