Editors’ Prizes and Past Winners

Every year the Editors of RHINO Poetry select works that have had the greatest impact on us.
Cash awards are given for First, Second, and Honorable Mention.

Winners are acknowledged in that year’s journal and on our website. Beginning in 2013, the First Place winner will be nominated for a Pushcart Prize. We occasionally nominate other Place winners for a Pushcart Prize.

There is no application process.

2016 Editors’ Prizes

First Prize: Lee Sharkey – Tashlich

Second Prize: Catherine Wing – Report from the Neandertal Mind

Honorable Mention: Teresa Dzieglewicz – Stranger, thank you for giving me this body


2015 Editors’ Prizes

First Prize: Jose Angel Araguz – Joe

Second Prize: Paul Tran [He picked me up]

Honorable Mention: Nate Marshall – buying new shoes

2014 Editors’ Prizes

First Prize: Brandon Krieg –  Comedy of Mirrors

Second Prize: P. Scott Cunningham – Planet Earth

Honorable Mentions: C. Ann Kodra – Dowsing and Octavio Quintanilla – Tell Them Love is Found

2013 Editors’ Prizes

First Prize: Rodney Gomez – Drag Racer

Second Prize: Kristin Robertson – Hyoid Bone

Honorable Mention: Claudia Cortese – Lucy tells the boy to suck

2012 Editors’ Prizes

First Prize:Sean Howard – shadowgraph 44: observation appears as an eventpoem (PDF) – audio version

Second Prize: Kevin Simmondssalt (a suicide meditation) – poem (PDF)

Honorable Mentions:

Shadab Zeest Hashimi – I look out the Mughal window –poem (PDF)

Seth Oelbaum – Female Stockings (Elizabethan Sonnet) –poem (PDF)

2011 Editors’ Prizes

First Prize:Kathi Morrison-Taylor – In the Dream of My Father at the Bar on Tatooine – Poem (PDF)

Second Prize: M. Ayodele Heath – The Stuttering House Negro Diviner Speaks: Heath Plantation, 1863 – Poem (PDF)

Honorable Mentions:

Hafizah Geter – paula – Poem (PDF)

John Hart – Vlado Daydreams about a Woman after She’s Been Shot – Poem (PDF)

2010 Editors’ Prize Winners

First Prize: Sally Wen Mao – The Spring of Terrible Fevers – poem (PDF)

Second Prize: Lauren Camp – The Hum poem (PDF)

Third Prize: Rynn Williams – Sin City – poem (PDF)

2009 Editors’ Prize Winners

First Prize: Jesse Nissum – Being the Neighbor – poem(PDF)

Second Prize: Pamela Garvey The Trembling – poem (PDF)

Honorable Mention: Kim AndrewsLove’s Varietal – poem (PDF)

Honorable Mention: Greg GrummerAbel’s Last Date – poem (PDF)

Translation Prize: Jeannine Marie Pitas for Excerpts from The History of Violets I, XIX, and XX
by Marosa Di Giorgio poem

2008 Editors’ Prize Winners

First Prize: Aseem Kaul –  Late Sonatapoem(PDF)

Second Prize: Moira Magneson After The Electionpoem (PDF)

Honorable Mention: Mather Schneider –  Shooting The Chickens – poem (PDF)

2007 Editors’ Prize Winners

First Prize: Thomas Dukes – Etudes for El Paso and Spanish Guitar  – poem (PDF)

Second Prize: Jeannette Allée  – Lucifer Cleared His Goatish Throat – poem (PDF)

Honorable Mention: John Repp  – No Away – poem (PDF)

2006 RHINO Readers=Writers Prize Winner: Marion Boyer – Endlessly Blooming with Clouds and Birds

Kevin Simmonds Clenched; salt (a suicide meditation) – poem (PDF)