Translation Prize

The Editors of RHINO Poetry may choose to award a prize for a translated poem
which had the greatest impact on us for that reading period.

There is no application process, and editors reserve the right not to award a prize in any particular year.

Winners will be acknowledged in that year’s journal and on our website, and with a $50 cash award.

2017 RHINO Translation Prize
Picking Up Baggage, by Milorad Pejič, trans. from the Bosnian by the late Omer Hadžiselimovič
2016 RHINO Translation Prize
The Seafarer by Anonymous, translated from the Anglo-Saxon by Bill Christophersen


2015 RHINO Translation Prize
Cause by Farouk Goweda, translated from the Arabic by Walid Abdallah and Andy Fogle
Devil & Freedom by Olja Savičević Ivančević, translated from the Croatian by Andrea Jurjević 
2014 RHINO Translation Prize
Shahram Shahidi,  “Peace Before Cigarette Butt Storm“, translated from the Persian by Alireza Taheri Araghi, edited by Thade Correa
2012 RHINO Translation Prize

Steven and Maja Teref, who translated from the Serbian “[A mirror hangs in the butcher shop]” Ana Ristovićpoem (PDF)

2011 RHINO Translation Prize

Jose Edmundo Ocampo Reyes, who translated “Song of Hong Kong” by Cirilo Bautista, from the Tagalog – poem (PDF)

Please click here for more information about submitting work for our Translation Initiative.