RHINO 2015 Online Issue No. 1.3 is here

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The editors of RHINO are thrilled to announce that our third and final installment of our online edition of RHINO 2015 is up and out.


We continue to remain committed to publishing a print journal yearly; the publication of the poems online in three installments (beginning 6 months after print publication) is intended to supplement and broaden the outreach of the print journal.


You can now find the poems from the authors below, here.


The online issue now includes work by

D.M. Aderibigbe • Sylvia Ashby • Jen Bartman • Julia Bouwsma • Shevaun Brannigan  • Enda Carty • Sam Cha • Wendy Chin-Tanner • Nina Corwin • Lisa Croneberg • Kyle Dacuyan • Agnes Davis • Kimberly D. Dixon-Mays • John Duvernoy • Cal Freeman • Ruth Goring • Amy Grimm • Kathleen Hellen • Sara Henning • Sophia Holtz • Ruth Holzer • Cynthia Huntington • Richard Jones • Mary Soon Lee • Brianna Low • Marco Maisto • Timothy Martin • John McCarthy • Max McDonough • Janet McNally • Lucien Darjeun Meadows • Jeffrey Morgan • Peter E. Murphy •  Kelly Nelson • Elizabeth O’Connell-Thompson • Raul Palma • Deborah Paredez • Zoe Polach • Alexis Quinlan • Kenyatta Rogers • Christa Romanosky • Cintia Santana • Ravi Shankar & Nancy Kuhl  • Shoshauna Shy • Brian Simoneau • Sarah J. Sloat • BJ Soloy • Joannie Stangeland • Will Stockton • Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet • John Surowiecki • Daniel Tobin • Emily Tuszynska • V.R. Waters • Quinn White •  Derek JG Williams • Bill Yarrow 

Congratulations 2015 Editors’ Prize Winner Jose Angel Araguz, 2nd Prize Winner Paul Tran, Honorable Mention Nate Marshall, and Finalists!

Every year the Editors of RHINO Poetry select works that have had the greatest impact on us, and award them the Editors’ Prize. Cash awards are given for First Prize, Second Prize, and Honorable Mention. In addition, we nominate the First Prize and sometimes other place winners for the Pushcart Prize. There is no application process.

2015 Editors’ Prizes

Araguz author photo 2

First Prize: Jose Angel Araguz – Joe


Second Prize: Paul Tran – [He picked me up]


Honorable Mention: Nate Marshall – buying new shoes

The editors are very pleased to name these 4 Finalists:

Christina Mun-Lutz  – A Story of War
sam saxEssay on Crying in Public
Derek J G WilliamsThese Kingdoms of Ours
Their work will appear in RHINO 2015 (and available on our website), scheduled for release (as always) in April, National Poetry Month.