Preview of RHINO 2015 – from the Editors

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December 2014


“[W]orlds remake themselves at every turn,” writes Brian Simoneau in his poem “Raven to a Traveler Lost in the Woods.” So it is with the dazzling array of poems in the forthcoming RHINO 2015.


From Lisa Cronenberg’s sublime,


Blake’s heaven must smell like this:


Monarda for the monarch.

Asylum for the queen.


to Esteban Ismael’s time-bound specificity,


sitting with my face on the shotgun /window of a ’97 Mustang, I watch him /

puff his chest / & a cigarette.


from the dislocation of Faisal Mohyuddin’s,


Exile begins where rivers end.


and Bill Rector’s quiet surrealism,


I wake up one morning

with size 60 feet.


to the intimate sadness in Joe Eldridge’s elegy for his mother,


The Hermes horseshoe scarf

I bought on Canal St. covers the night-

stand where her dentures soak in a teacup.


the portent of Sarah Ann Winn’s,


The punched out remnant of another doll, a cardboard window to the world,

girl shaped.


and Kimberly Dixon-Mays’ potent,


And typical,

human, to be

somewhat proud

to leave

even an ugly



RHINO’s 38th,  going into our 39th year, has been huge.

  • We received more submissions than ever before, exceeding 12,000 poems.
  • Over 280 poets submitted to our Founders’ Prize contest.
  • Notably, three poets that we nominated won 2014 Illinois Arts Council Literary Awards!
  • This year’s Paladin Award was given to Allison Joseph, Editor of Crab Orchard Review.
  • We also began posting our current journal on our website in installments at no cost so that a wider audience can read our poets. We remain committed as ever to producing our beautiful print journal.


  • Meanwhile our online presence continues to grow with more than 900 Twitter followers @rhinopoetry, and our Facebook page “likes” have topped 1300.
  • In the last year we have had 88,400 unique visits to the website. The Big Horn Blog continues to expand, with ever more audio poems and interviews. We also foster a community of writers through our monthly RHINO Reads! poetry series, The Poetry Forum workshop series, and by supporting emerging writers in numerous other ways.


Thanks to you—our readers, fellow poets, our friends and family—RHINO continues to thrive. As an independent, all-volunteer journal, we rely on you for your support. Your contributions and subscriptions continue to make up 65% of RHINO’s income. We thank you for making RHINO possible for the past 38 years.


Wishing you peace and inspiration for 2015 and beyond,

the editors of RHINO

Virginia Bell   Jan Bottiglieri   Helen Degen Cohen    Carol Eding  

Gail Goepfert    Ralph Hamilton   David Jones

Kenyatta Rogers    Deborah Nodler Rosen   Jacob Saenz   Moira Sullivan  

Andrea Witzke Slot    Angela Narciso Torres   Valerie Wallace   


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Thank you!


RHINO 2015 will ship in April, 2015.           

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