Pushcart Prize nominees from RHINO 2015



The Editors of RHINO are pleased to announce our nominees for the Pushcart Prize from the 2015 issue:

Joe by  Jose Angel Araguz

He Looks at Clouds” by Joe Eldridge

Lightening“ by Deborah Paredez

“Tales from my Fisherman Father” by Rachel Slotnick

[He picked me up]” by Paul Tran

yellow journalism”  by Keith Wilson


Pushcart Nominees from RHINO 2014


The Editors of RHINO are pleased to announce our nominees from the 2014 issue for the Pushcart Prize:


rhino2014wComedy of Mirrors – Brandon Krieg

Planet Earth – P. Scott Cunningham

Poem in honor of the one-year anniversary of my sister Aleida’s death, which is five days away

– Jose Antonio Rodriguez

Body Breakers – MaryJo Thompson

Americas – Adam Scheffler

Peace Before Cigarette Butt Storm –  written by Shahram Shahidi,- translated from the Persian by Alireza Taheri Araghi, edited by Thade Correa




2013 Pushcart Nominees!

Pushcart Prize



13_Rhino_Cover_wThe Editors of RHINO are pleased to announce the following 2013 contributors have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Jeffery AllenJohnny   audio version: Johnny.wma

Claudia Cortese – Lucy tells the boy to suck   audio version: Cortese Lucy Tells .m4a

Rodney Gomez – Drag Racer  audio version: Gomez_Drag_Racer.m4a

Kristin Robertson – Hyoid Bone  audio version: Hyoid Bone.m4a

Penelope Scambly Schott – Shadow Play for my Mother in Six Scenes
audio version:Shadow_Play_for_My_Mother. wav

Penelope Scambly Schott – Story of the Beautiful Daughter Ralinavut  audio version: Story_of_the_Beautiful_Daughter.wma



a compliment

From our inbox this morning – what a lovely way to start the week!

“I have seldom felt so well understood, nurtured and encouraged, as I have in your journal’s reception of my poems.  I know that RHINO’s response to submissions is always carefully considered, balanced, honest, and made with an eye towards the growth of the writer and the art form. The editors and staff of RHINO create a home, partner and teacher for poets.
“You produce a serious collection that is also lively, youthful and broad ranged. I am deeply grateful for this nomination from RHINO.”
~Mary Clara White, RHINO 2012 contributor and Pushcart Nominee

Pushcart Prize nominations!

The editors of RHINO nominated the following poems from RHINO 2012 for a  Pushcart Prize:

Emari DeGiorgio’s 1434 Dead – poem (PDF)

Shadab Zeest Hashimi’s  I look out the Mughal window – poem (PDF)

Sean Howard’s  shadowgraph 44: observation appears as an event – poem (PDF)

Seth Oelbaum’s  Female Stockings (Elizabethan Sonnet) – poem (PDF)

Kevin Simmonds‘s  salt (a suicide meditation) – poem (PDF)

Mary Clara White’s   Garden Song at a Cremationpoem (PDF)