40 Readings in 40 Cities | Happy Birthday, RHINO! | #RHINO40readings40cities

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Join us in celebrating our 40th year in 2016-2017

by participating in our #RHINO40readings40cities initiative!


Who can participate?

Anyone can be a host and anyone can be a reader. Hosts and readers can be RHINO poets from one of our past 40 issues, or simply a fan of the journal. If you’re new to RHINO, we welcome you to the herd!


 Where can the readings take place?

Anywhere you want to host – your local independent bookstore, library or community center, favorite coffee shop, and your own living room are all perfectly wonderful.


Yes, but what happens exactly?

If you’d like to host a reading this year, we’ll connect you with possible readers in your area, send you a swag box, and help with publicity. We will also provide you with online materials including tips for a successful RHINO reading, a sign-up sheet for those who want more information about RHINO, and print/web versions of our logo.

After the reading, we’ll post your photos on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. We’ll even post your write-up and photos on the Big Horn Blog.


What’s in the swag box?

  • 3-5 assorted issues of RHINOs for you to sell or give away
  • our famous poem bookmarks
  • #poetrychangeseverything buttons
  • a rhino t-shirt in your size
  • a rhino cookie cutter and our rhino cookie recipe


I’m interested! Who should I contact? 
Tim McLaughlin is our 40 Readings in 40 Cities coordinator; email him at tmclaughlin582@gmail.com.

Include your name, how you are affiliated with RHINO, where you live, and the date(s) you have in mind.

And remember to follow us @rhinopoetry and on Facebook.

We look forward to hearing from you! The sooner you have an inkling you’d like to do this, drop us a line!


rhino cookies


Welcome Ann Hudson, Emily Johnson, Frani O’Toole, Tim McLaughlin, Matthew Kelsey


We’ve got some fantastic new people around the table!  Our first ever “Rhino Fellow” and 4 new interns.

Hello new Rhinos!

Rhino Fellow – Ann Hudson


Undergraduate Intern(s) – Emily Johnson, Frani O’Toole

40 Readings in 40 Cities Intern –  Tim McLaughlin

Editorial Assistant Intern –  Matthew Kelsey


Read more about our team here.