RHINO Poetry 2001

RHINO 2001

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Editors’ Note
Editors’ Prizes

Editors’ Prizes

Editors’ Notes


Vito Aiuto – Revolutions Per Minute

Todd Balazic – Trinity Station

Heidi Bell – Harmony of the Spheres

Sandra Bestland – The Party

Sharon Black – Good Turns

When I Heard You Lived Next Door To Hate

Elizabeth Bradfield – Vascular

John Bradley – Island Geography

Jenny Browne – The Middle of America

Julia Budenz – The Hymn of Intertextuality

Reid Bush – Wraith

Lina Chern – Omens

Julie Cooper-Fratrik – In Portmuck Bay

Anne Coray – Taxidermy

Stephanie Dickinson – You Saw

R.S. Dietrich – One Story

Edward A. Dougherty – A Toast

Michael Estabrook – Four Drunks & My Wife

Jenny Factor – Avenue of the Americas

Richard Fox – Cinderella

William Greenway – I Have Chosen You Out of the World

James Grinwis – Marrakesh

Greg Grummer – Long After the Fall of Communism (four variations)

Frank Hart – Barely Touching

Stephanie Hemphill – La Limousine and Alberto Giacometti in his Atelier

Michael Hettich – Light

Derek Hoffmann – Of My Grandfather, Who Was Not Dying

Wayne Hogan – Eight Pages in Gulf Waters

Dan Howell – A Dream State

Osirian Fragment

Chris Jackson – A Knife and a Map of Fat

Larry Janowski – Luminaria

Jennifer Judge – Oranges

Angela Kelly – Summer of ’78

Rustin Larson – Mr. Mom

Mercedes Lawry – Safe

Tony Leuzzi – Grouchy Aubade

Sarah Lindsay – Olduvai Gorge Thorn Tree and Caravan with Orchids and Pearls

Gail Lukasik – In country

Charles Edward Mann – Woman Once a Bird and The Kiss (Le Baiser)

Matt Mason – First Sight

Brad Maxfield – Epithalamion

The Diner by Day

Katherine McCord – Backdrop

Michael McManus – Circle

Patricia McMillen – The Evil Eye

Ben Miller – #321 (Dorothyville)

Matthew Murrey – Lonely Tombs

Mark Perlberg – Silence at 5:00 A.M.

Michael Peters – Non-Aural Variations of a Notated Score: Tape 1

Allan Peterson – The Contracting Universe

Cecilia Pinto – Open to the Light

Jerry Dillon Pratt – The Hostage

Nicole Louise Reid – Moon, Water, Glass and Bird

John Repp – Hayley Mills Graces My Weekly Reader, Summer, 1966


Steven Schroeder – [To know the sea, Leibniz said, is to know]

Maureen Seaton – Toy Weather

Enid Shomer – The Golden Buddha

Beth Simon – You Come to Us, Contain Everything

Maria Terrone – You’ll Burn in Hell, the Pretty Woman Said, Smiling

Susan Wallack – The Arab Bride and  Flounder

Connie Wanek – Hard Frost

Lori Williams – Big Momma and Circle Jerk

Liza Zimmerman – Inspected by 29


Marjorie Agosin – Night of Vienna

translated by Laura Nakazawa

Bartolo Cattafi – Diamonds

translated by Rina Ferrarelli

Pablo Neruda – The Horses

translated by Audrey Lumsden-Kouvel

Ronny Someck – Testifying to Beauty

translated by Vivian Eden

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