RHINO Poetry 2002

RHINO 2002

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Editors’ Note
Editors’ Prizes

Kristin Aardsma – during a saturday

Lucy Anderton – Blue Human

Priscilla Atkins – Lessons in Existentialism on a Winter’s Day

Antonia Banyard – Dark Gentlemen

Curtis Bauer – Watching for Squirrels and Thinking of Nina

Lisa Beatman – Fire Flies

David Bond – Head

Michael Bowden – Tomorrowland

Mary Boyes – On the Theme of Blankness and Why I Cannot Expect You to Fill It

Jan Clausen – Leave

Sharon Darrow – Corner Bakery, Wednesday, 9:30 a.m.

Susan Dickman – Skin

Brahmin Hour

Neal Dwyer – Corporal and The I Ching After a Frat Party

Elon Eidenier – What Will Be Written

Thomas Eme – Try This

Gary Fincke – Clark Bar

Geoffrey Forsyth – Kid

The Reservoir

What We Used to Do for Fun

In the Backyard

Pamela Gemin – Fat Woman with Fishburger, Fries

James Grabill – Snow Falling

Alex Green – What We Do As Nightwatchmen

Photographs by Liz Chilsen

Alex Green – Leaking Cauldron

Lou Green – After Reading Lao Tzu

Jennifer Gresham – Song of Shadow

Barbara Griest-Devora – How Common Man Lost His Girlfriend to The Magic Marvel

James Grinwis – Arctic Shell

Dorothea Grossman – [The Museum of Rain]

Lois Marie Harrod – Firmament

Wayne Hogan – Literature for the People, Yes

Lisa Katz – Support Group

R. Kimm – Kraut Farmer Ueberlegungen/German Farmer Reflections and  Morrie the K’s Germanness

Sharon Kubasak – Cloud Deliberation Fugue