RHINO Poetry 2003

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Editors’ Note
Editors’ Prizes

Robyn Art - Note Found in the Pocket of My Old Hydro-Vac Suit
Mark Bennion – Alive Serious
Jan Bottiglieri – Tonight, Everyone is in Love – poem (PDF)
Marty Campbell - At Mom’s Side Under Uncle Charles’ Amaryllis
Christopher Chambers - The Voice Imitator by Thomas Bernhard
Patricia Clark - Tongue Point
Paul Crenshaw – Tall – short-short (PDF)
Mary Cross - The Information Age
Deborah Cummins – Another Life
Mark Cunningham – Short-term Memory
Yasmin Dalisay – Persephone Begins
Heather Davis - How To Continue
Matthew Dickman – Drummer Boy vs. Thunder Clap
James Doyle – Poem Wrapped in Grease Skin
Neal Dwyer - Pike Bay
Danna Ephland – After Surgery
Gary Fincke  – The Dog Who Listens to Jack Kerouac
Geoffrey Forsyth - Hunchbacksshort-short (PDF)
Joe Franchere - out of pocket, about a thousand miles worth and trouble bound billy
Diane Furtney - Logic at Seventeen
Do Gentry - The Diary of Thomas
Greg Grummer – It’s All Right To Kill An Evening or Two
Michael Guista - What I’m Not Writing About
Jane Hammons - How Bittie Betina Learned to Fly
Michael Hettich - Only Child
Wayne Hogan - Artist’s Statement
Aileen Jones - Our Daughter
Sandra Kohler – Tea
Kathryn Kruger – Dante’s South Beach Holiday
Melissa Kwasny - Moss
Anna Leahy - Recidivism
J.T. Ledbetter – What to Forget, What to Remember
John Mann – Caritas Defined, Mr. Mann Readies His Clothes and Mr. Mann Goes for Shiatsu, Has a Whopper Instead
Jack Martin - The Cost of Renting and Paris doesn’t exist.
Patricia McMillen – Fanagalo/Pentecost
Chelle Miko - Questioning Galileo: A Contemporary Inquisition
Roger Mitchell – On Joyce L. Stillman’s Painting, “Boxed Ornaments (Epilogue 3)”
Howard Nelson - Hound in Pond
Michelle Niemann – One Incarnation of the Old Wish and Paradelle: The Highway
Allan Peterson - That Much Stuck
Marc Pietrzykowski – And That, My Friends, is the Afterlife.
Cecilia Pinto – How to Construct a Hammer
Mike Puican - 30 Seconds
John Repp – Wormspoem (PDF)
Geri Rosenzwieg - God Is Not Talking
Anele Rubin - Even Though
cin salach - ripe
C. Gibo Sasaki - Another
Terry Savoie - Dies Irae
Kate Schapira - Corn maze
Steven Schroeder - Krispy Kreme
E. Schwerer - The Stars Wheel Above in the Invisible
Martin Scott - Creole Delicacies
J. Shimon & Jeff Lindemann – Wisconsin Trip
Barry Silesky – After the Body Mutinies
Roger Smith – Together By The Cats
JeFF Stumpo – A certain beauty
Mark Taksa - The Big Shaking
Maria Terrone - The Robust Young Man Discusses His Burial
Madeline Tiger – Listening to the Venerable Poet
David Trinidad – from Ice Follies of 2002
Brian Turner - Photographing the Lovers
Alexandra van de Kamp - Hunters in a Landscape
Connie Wasem – Trees, Paper, Time, Hands
Julie Herrick White -  The Pros and Cons of Lickety Split
Joseph P. Wood  – Down at the Farm; September 12th

Tu Fu – from Journey to the North

translated by Taylor Stoehr

Georges Godeau – On the Whole

translated by Kathleen McGookey

Dalia Kaveh The Man’s Death and The Twentieth of April, 1948

translated by Linda Zisquit