RHINO Poetry 2005

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Editors’ Note
Editors’ Prizes

Wayne Hogan – The Frog poem (PDF)

Minati Singh – Ode poem (PDF)

J. A. Frazee –  The Laundromat poem (PDF)

Kelli Russell Agodon –  In the 70’s, I Confused Macramé and Macabre

Kelly Lenox Allan-  So You Want to Go Spelunking

David Appelbaum Locust

Gabriel Arquilevich-  All of It

Sarah Bartlett –  Exodus

Sandra Beasley – Things Kept

Mark Bennion – On the Edge of It

Michelle Bonczek – The Perfect Mate

Nancy Burke – Long Division

Cullen Bailey Burns – Letter after the Revolution

W.E. Butts – The Blessing

Jenna Cardinale – The Legacy of William Jefferson Clinton As Suggested by Gertrude Stein

Sten Carlson – Prayer for the Royal Palm Hotel

Mark Cunningham – Black-capped Vireo and White-eared Hummingbird

John Davis – Recruiting Poster

James Doyle – A Giddy Fork in the Road

Denise Duhamel – Questions from the Translator and Back Cover

Joy Dworkin – After Osip Mandelshtam

Kathleen Ellis – Early Exile

Jeannine Hall Gailey – Through the Looking Glass

Jack Granath – Parting Salvo #37

Kate Greenstreet – If water covers the road

Daniel Gutstein – Monsieur Pierre Est Mort

J. Allen Hall –  Portrait of My Mother as the Republic of Texas

Eva Heisler – Midwinter Feast

Michael Hettich Wash and Interior

Jannett Highfill – Morning and Interval

Conrad Hilberry – Blood Work

Nathan Hoks – The Gathering

Karla Huston & Cathryn Cofell – Diphthongs and Pigeon Toes

Larry Janowski – White Wolf on Red Harley

Kelli Kaufmann – Inflections of Ordinary Things

Andrew Kozma – The Engagement

Joel Long – Laundry

Patricia McMillen – After Bei Dao

Wendy Mnookin – Visiting My Parents

Aimee Nezhukumatathil –  How the Robin’s Breast Became Red

James Pate – A Hand Hanging on to the End of Day

Lynn Pattison –  Like Riding a Bike

Brittany T. Perham – My Father, Leaving

Jennifer Perrine – Sadie Imagines God

Susan Blackwell Ramsey – Louise Erdrich Learning Ojibiwemowin

Kirsten Rian – Orbit

Sarah Ruhlen – Vow Breaking

Michael Scofield – War Again

Joan I. Siegel – My Mother’s Piano

Martha Silano – I Don’t Know What I Want, Only that I’m Desperate for It

Barry Silesky – The System

Lusia Slomkowska – Trade

Rick Smith – crisis:

Lianne Spidel – Paper Hats

John Sweet – untitled poem on the day my son tells me he hates me for the first time

Judith Taylor – We Talk

Dawn Tefft – Megalopolis

Georgia Tiffany – Underwater

Barbara Tomash – red clouds brightest and furrow sustenance ancestors

Jen Town – The Old Man Wants to Learn to Swallow Swords

Gale R. Walden – Dead Poet Houses

Valerie Wallace – Jezebel Remembering

Tom Whalen – Strange Alleys

Mike White – Invitation and Ars Poetica

Jennifer Willoughby – Rules for Human Resources

Katia Zalkind – Pratt Beach in March

Karen Zealand – Substitution

Anonymous –  Young Girl’s Lament

translated by Sandra Cookson

Robert Desnos – The Sky’s Song

translated by Simone Muench

Herberto Helder – Untitled

translated by Alexis Levitin

Juan Ramón Jiménez – Already Dark

translated by David Stock

Sándor Kányádi – Triptych to Romanian Poet and Nichita Stanescu

translated by Paul Sohar

Maria Rosa Lojo – Steadfast Love

translated by Brett Alan Sanders

Grzegorz Musial – Circulus Mundi and Spring Time in Pomerania: for B.

translated by Barbara F. Lefcowitz

Toon Tellegen – Three Untitled poems

translated by Judith Wilkinson

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