RHINO Poetry 2006

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Editors’ Note
Editors’ Prizes

Carl Adamshick All light is arriving light – poem (PDF)

Neil Aitken  - Outside Plato’s Republic, the Last Poets Wait for Departure

Maureen Alsop – Finding the Best Mathematician

Priscilla Atkins – I Was Telling You About Love

Edward Beatty – A Father’s Dream in Time of War

Kristy Bowen toward the blue peninsula and midnight pastoral

Marion Boyer – New River Gorge, West Virginia and One Shoe on the Freeway

Joey Brown – A Girl You Could Get, Pt. 2

Julia Budenz – Diary of Flora Baum: January 23, 2005, Ianualia

Julie Cooper-Fratrik – At Dusk, Driving Past a Small Nursery on Upper Mountain Road

Jill Alexander Essbaum  – Houses, Haunted

Michael Estabrook – frogs and the Boston Strangler

Brent Fisk – At Flood Stage

Chris Forhan – Cruising Lake City and The Fall

Geoffrey Forsyth –  The Wall

Carrie Fountain Alamogordo

Matthew Gavin Frank –  Second Honeymoon

Marc J. Frazier – Anomalies

Diane Furtney – Lithium, Chromium

Paul Gibbons – How the Sky Touches

Alexandra Grace – Solstice

Greg Grummer – The Root Causes of War and First Breaths

Jared Harel – Falling in love in the 6th grade at a pool party –

Peter Harris – Sister Brigit 

Liam Heneghan – An Intentional Forest

Claire Hero – Coming of Age in America 

Tom Hunley – None of Them Wanted to be a Cloud 

Joseph Hunt – Looks Like a Lemonade Stand

Andrea Jackson  - Leakage

Daniel Johnson Imagine Getting Exactly What You Want

L. Bellee Jones Six Days Late

Erin Jourdan Cult of the Subconscious

Sally Rosen Kindred Noah Waiting, Not Praying

Janet Norman Knox – Gravity Dog 

Kristina Kocan –  Jo was here –

Ted Lardner – From Afarpoem (PDF) and Singing

Diane LeBlanc – Living With Forbidden Desire in the Midwest

Rebecca Loudon – Learning to Drive the Tractor

Erin Malone – At the Seams

Paul Martinez-Pompa – Police Dog and Want

Frank Matagrano – Psalm Two

Clay Matthews – Elegy for the Organ Slowly Dying Inside

Kathleen McGookey – At the John Ball Zoo

Ellen McKnight – Watching

Roger Mitchell –  Always Somewhere

D.O. Moore – Wedding Dress: Doubting Color, Doubting Memory

C.J. Muchhala – Legacy

Art Nahill – Miracles

Carla Panciera – At Helen’s House

Ricardo Pau-Llosa -  Ryman Auditorium, Nashville

Jennifer Perrine – The Resurrectionist’s Wife

Gretchen Primack – Avenue

Marcia Lynx Qualey – From Underneath the Nile

Doug Ramspeck – Visiting Hours

Michael Robins - First Doubts in the Third Person

Margaret A. Robinson - Like Marvin Bell

Lindsey Gail Ronfeldt – The Art

Geri Rosenzweig – Jealous Only of the Red Bowl of the Sun and Pastoral

Lee Rossi – “Figure with Meat”

F. Daniel Rzicznek – Mane and Claw and Natural: History

Jacob Saenz  - Blue Line Incident

Andrea Scarpino – Trou de Mémoire

Maureen Seaton – Cybele’s Caves

Patty Seyburn – Pop-Quiz: The Spider, Itsy Bitsy

Marian Kaplun Shapiro - Watching Grass Grow

Sarah Sloat – The Silent Treatment

Ardis L. Stewart – Dead Poet’s Dresses – poem (PDF)

Barbara Buckman Strasko – Solo in the Snow

Jim Tilley – Serendipity in the Cosmos – poem (PDF)

Justin Vicari – Trakl at the Front

Jeremy Voigt – The Paper Around the Orange

Lynn Wagner – Glass Case No. 35

Sara Wallace – blue curve of empty interstate

Ernie Wormwood – Shampoo

Donald Zaremba – Passing Through


Ioan Flora -  Field Notes

translated by Adam J. Sorkin and Elena Bortà

Àlvaro Garcià – the painter

translated by Chris Michalski

Geneviève Huttin – Near Belchatov

translated by Bradford Gray Telford

Ioana Ieronim – Melody of the Day I and Melody of the Day II

translated by Carrie Messenger

Li Nan – Falling Leaves

translated by Amy Liang and Steven Schroeder

William Ospina An Old Historian Tells His Story

translated by Elaine Fowler Palencia and Michael Palencia-Roth

RHINO Reads: Reviews of volumes by Paulette Beete, Jan Bottiglieri, Kristy Bowen, Patricia Clark, Michael Hettich, Kathleen Kirk, Bill Morgan, Simone Muench, Lynn Pattison, Anele Rubin, Judith Valente, Judith Valente and Charles Reynard.

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