RHINO Poetry 2007

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Editors’ Note
Editors’ Prizes

Gabe Adoff  – Singing

Kelli Russell Agodon –  Between the Covers We Find Jesus

Jeannette Allée  - Lucifer Cleared His Goatish Throat – poem (PDF); Hard Pew; The Earld Rotundis, ca. 1888

Victoria Anderson – Letter to Chiapas , II

Tani Arness – The Day

Lana Hechtman Ayers – The Paradox of Life and Religion

Sandra Beasley – The Fish

Carol Berg  - Make Believe

Catherine Black – Hummingbird Incarnation

Victoria Boynton – Quitting 2

Ronda Broatch – Inishmór Goats

Cathy Carlisi – Remember Me?

Lynne Yu-Ling Chien –  f(x) = xy – 1

Tom Christopher – [The oldest man glides across the floor,]

Ewa Chrušciel –  Annunciation VIII

Cynie Cory  - I Can’t Stay in Here and I Can’t Stay in Here, Ain’t It Clear?

James Cushing – The Children’s Hour (1963)

Renée D’Aoust – Pearl Street

John Matt Dorn – Ex-Parte

Wendy Drexler – After Visiting the Memorial to Your Grandparents Who Died at Thieresienstadt

Thomas Dukes – Etudes for El Paso and Spanish Guitar  – poem (PDF)

Edison Dupree – Recess

D.M. Ferguson – Standing by a Tree, Early Spring and Aubade

Jennifer Finstrom – Minotaur

Geoffrey Forsyth – Coins

Elizabeth Graettinger – Early a morning turned afternoon into a nightmare

James Grinwis – A Rattle is Another Kind of Idiophone

Kelle Groom – Sugar Mountain

Mark Halperin – Chimera

Renee Lynn Hansen – The Drought Just Then

Rebecca HazeltonThe Earth Doesn’t Mind

Kathleen Hellen – Babylon I

Jannett Highfill – Baedeker

Mary Crockett Hill – A Theory of Everything

Taj Jackson – Another plutonic bloom

Bonnie Jacobson – excerpts from The Book of Jars: Jar #36

Jeff Jarosch – Color and ice

Allan Johnston – Childhood Near Hollywood

R. Kimm – Who gets it?

Elizabeth Knapp – On Running Into Jorie Graham in a Bathroom Stall at the Armand Hammer Museum in Los Angeles , or the Poem I Always Wanted to Write About Antigone

David Koehn – Spurge

Douglas Korb – The Sky Is What I Say It Is

Daniel Langton – On Seeing My Poems in Chinese

Mercedes Lawry – A Painting Told Me This

Paul Legault – Final Palindrome

Chip Livingston –  Crepi il Lupo

Taylor Loy – Boris the Manskinner

David Lunde – Dear Vince,

Scott MacPhail –  Fair

Christopher Malpass –  Origin Stories

Jack Martin – Into Space

Patricia McMillen – Gristle

Jalina Mhyana – Hina Matsuri

Steve Mueske – My Life as a Kung Fu Movie

Matthew Murrey – Flying Shamans

Jason Olsen – Fire Engine Descending a Staircase

Lynn Pattison Deep Winter

James Piiparinen – Silver Containers

Dan Pinkerton – Us Against Them and Father Knows Best

Julie Platt – The Finwife is Dismissed and Eulalia of Meridia

Alison Powell – The Request

Claudia Putnam – Navarre

Emma Ramey – Servant; Samurai, For Easter

Josh Rathkamp – Eclipse

John Repp  - No Away – poem (PDF)

Andrew Michael Roberts – People Running from a Bus

Natania Rosenfeld – Instruments

Sankar Roy – The Fear of the Bride

F. Daniel Rzicznek – Loose Pages, Found in a Field

Miriam Sagan  – Tefillah

Andrea Scarpino – The Grove Behind and Afire

Mather Schneider – Copperhead

Joan I. Siegel – Pablo Picasso: Child with a Pigeon (1901) and On a Friend’s Suicide in the Pennsylvania Woods

Martha Silano -  After Reading There Might Be an Infinite Number of Dimensions

Rebekah Silverman – Even Now

Clara Silverstein -  Family Photo at Maymont Park

Matthew Sisson -  Thumb Sucking, A Quick Chat With My Boss

Erin Elizabeth Smith  – The Middle Ground and Divorce

Mark Smith  – The Barge “Captain”

John Struloeff -  And Then There’s Marvin

Chad Sweeney  – The Methodist and His Method and Red Stripe in the Mirror

Molly Tenenbaum – My Binge

Jamie Thomas – Towing Water to Australia

Meg Thompson – Walking Home At Night Through a Residential Area

Susan Varnot – Memento Mori

David Wagoner – Crane Fly

Allen West – Spring

Nancy White – Girl Who Liked Doors

Lance Wilcox – The Webcam on Yr Wyddfa

Vivienne Woodhead – Thunder, 1954


Mario Benedetti – Wet Paper

translated by Nicolas Mansito III

Gastão Cruz – The Spoon

translated by Alexis Levitin

Lorand Gaspar – [still in the wind – ]

translated by Daniela Hurezanu and Stephen Kessler

Ericka Ghersi – Among Lanterns

translated by Toshiya Kamei

Li Nan – Eleven Line Poem

translated by Amy Liang and Steven Schroeder

Pablo Henrik Llambías – Horn of Plenty

translated by Ingrid Lansford

Nava Semel – And the Rat Laughs

translated by Miriam Schlesinger excerpts from

RHINO Reads: Reviews of volumes by Kristy Bowen, Steve Davenport, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Kate Greenstreet, Therèse Halscheid, F. Daniel Rzicznek, Patricia McMillen, Martha Silano, Maria Terrone
Books received from RHINO Poets and Friends in 2006
Contributors’ Notes