RHINO Poetry 2008

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Editors’ Note
Editors’ Prizes

Inga Abele – Still Life With Freedom

translated by Inara Cedrins

Liz Abrams-Morley Grief Song: For Jeremy, dead at twenty

Lucy Adkins – Sheep Shearing

Ivy Alvarez – The ruin

Danielle Aquiline – What You May Not Know About Darwin: Pasticerria Natalina

O. Ayes  - an ounce

Michael Bassett  - No telling how many yearnings

Evan Beaty – On the Day of the Eve of the Assumption

F. J. Bergmann - Different Sins

B. J. Best - crow hunt

Paula Carter - Radio Signals

Luis Cernuda - Bagatelle Captive Music

translated by Stephen Kessler

Martha Clarkson - The Dead Dog Achieves Coastal Nirvana

Abigail Cloud - On the use of diphthera festiva to divine properties of fire

Ryder Collins - Bukowski & I Watch the Weather Channel

Anthony Coman – House

Susan Cronin – Parades Go By

Mariana Dan - a fleck of foam

translated by Adam J. Sorkin

Steven Davenport - East St. Louis Ontological Toodle-oo Kwansaba 1917

Oliver de la Paz - The Dogs of the Orchard

William Delman – If the Story Wasn’t Over

Emily Doak - Narrow Fingers, Talking

John W. Evans – Unirii Square

György Faludy To The Departing Loved One

translated by Paul Sohar

Patrick Ryan Frank – The Poet Decides To Become A Fireman

Mel Patrell Furman - Why Lot’s Wife Was Turned Into A Pillar of Salt

Jeannine Hall Gailey - The Note the Fox-Wife Leaves Him

Vasile Garnet – neume (II)

translated by Carrie Messenger

Eryn Green - Aphelion

William Greenway – Applesauce

Jared Harel - Five ideas on Binghamton winter

Barbara Helfgott Hyett – Shameless

Jessica Jewell - The Jackrabbit

Shannon Jonas - Hackneyed

Aseem Kaul -  Late Sonatapoem (PDF)

Ruth Moon Kempher - Liverworts

Natalya Kliuchareva ***

translated by Peter Golub

Susanna Lang - In the Hunters’ Camp

Moira Magneson – After The Electionpoem (PDF)

Gary L. McDowell - Orgasm

Eugenio Montejo - Snow

translated by Kirk Nesset

Alison Morse  – Starevitch Makes “The Cameraman’s Revenge,” 1913

Carla Panciera - My Stupid Cow Has a Name

Veronica Patterson - She Called It ‘The Cup of a Thousand Faces’

Ricardo Pau-Llosa – Matrimony Man

Danielle Pieratti – Daylight

Marcia J. Pradzinski - After Reading Nantucket by Wm.Carlos Williams

Elisa Pulido – Barb and Earth

Gabriel Ramos-Rocchio - Monsoon

Michele Ruby – Checkout

Heather Salus - It’s summer. Put to sleep when there’s still light.

Mather Schneider -  Shooting The Chickens – poem (PDF)

Amy Schrader – Barn Owl Poem for my Mother

Glenn Shaheen -  From a Hundred and One Hilarious Knock-Knock Jokes

Alifair Skebe - Taking Her to Lunch

Bill Teitelbaum – Four Flash Fictions

Madeline Tiger - Echoes

Allison Tobey -  Burn in Hell

Blair Trigg - Dear RHINO Editors:

Jennifer Lowers Warren – Figure Skating After Nuclear War

Tana Jean Welch - Claes and Renatta Spend Time Apart

Mike White - The Last Symbolist in London

Wendy Wisner – Seagull

Snezana Zabic  – American Studies Map #8: Difference in America 1970

Contributors’ Notes