RHINO Poetry 2009

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Editors’ Note

Editors’ Prizes

Founders’ Prize


Michael Aird • As if to Avoid Crushing an Egg; Perfectly Taylored

Peter Alvarez • Christmas Visit

Kim Andrews • Love’s Varietal – poem (PDF)

Jasmine V. Bailey • What Berries Mean

Rebecca Kinzie Bastian • Aubade and Possessing No Lock on Our Door

Mark D. Bennion • Dear Brian

Monica Berlin • Triple Elegy

Candace Black • Grouper

Peters Bruveris • One-Liners

translated by Inara Cedrins

Buson • Selected Haiku of Yosa Buson

translated by Ed McFadden

Michael Cherry • From “Letters to a Dead Rilke”

Eduardo Chirinos • Ascent to Mount Sentinel

translated by G.J. Racz

Patricia Clark •  Tawny Light

Rafael Courtoisie • Chapter 10, Sergeant Sanders

translated by Patricia Dubrava

Marosa Di Giorgio • Excerpts from The History of Violets I, XIX, and XX – poem

translated by Jeannine Marie Pitas

Jane Downs • The Weight of Pink Peonies

James Doyle • The Girl at the Dinner Table

Rebecca Ellis • Swarm

Alex Epstein • Beyond the Wall

translated by Becka Mara McKay

Vincent Francone • Variations on Texts by Vallejo and Justice

Megan M. Garr • Document #1; Own

Pamela Garvey • The Trembling – poem (PDF)

Georgia Gelmis • How to Get Across the Room

Rae Gouirand • Zero at Sea

Greg Grummer • Cain, Explaining the Origin of His Tatoo; Abel’s Last Date – poem (PDF)

Jenny Hanning • Dice

Susan Elizabeth Howe • Found in The Horseshoe Trader

Ladee Hubbard • Colossus 1953

Tim Hunt • Mackinaw Parade, 2004

Bethany Schultz Hurst  • Elegy for Beauty School and Fallen Satellites – poem (PDF)

Byron A. Kanoti •Tyrannosaurus X-Ray

Rich Kenefic • Rehearsal Dinner

Kateri Kosek • The Art of Throwing Oneself Away

John Krumberger • Mid-Summer

Marianne Kunkel • Children’s Menu

Jenna Le • Three Short Poems on a Common Theme

Kelly Lenox • In the Country of the Bone Flute

Dana Mackowiak • Taboo

Michael Malan • A Grim Appearance

Rebecca Manery • Goatherd

Roy Mash • “They’ll Never Find Me Here”

Carol Matos • At Different Times

Marilyn McCabe • Thoughts on Systems Theory

Laura McKee • Excerpt from Paper Cut

Joshua McKinney • [Every damned thing you can think of is true] and [Re-enacted, the battle lags behind]

Benjamin Miller • Reasons I No Longer Date

Jack Miller • Selection from “Feast of Excited Insects”

Jessica Moll • It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Ingrid Browning Moody • Prayer 18

Xi Murong • Question

translated by Jianquing Zheng and Angela Ball

Steve Nickman • My Last Swahili

Jesse Nissim • Being the Neighbor – poem (PDF)

T.A. Noonan • Helen of Denham

Ron Offen • Franzie K., Boy Explorer

Sonata Paliulyte • Silence

translated by Irena Praitis

Jeffery Perkins • Independence Day

Steven Plewnarz • Night

Saara Myrene Raappana • 72-Hour Observation and Journal for Dr. Saper

Stella Vinitchi Radulescu • all seeds & blues

Marilyn Robertson • Special Effects

Dan Rosenberg • Heaven

Michele Rozga • Last Night I Dreamed I’d Found Joey Ramone’s iPod

David Rutschman • The Royal Butcher

F. Daniel Rzicznek • Podium

James Schiller • Aubade I

Penelope Scambly Schott • As If I Could Ever Go Home poem (PDF) and In which I am the Skeleton Girl

Danielle Sellers • Aestus

Susan Slaviero • The Botanist

Mike Spikes • Oatmeal on the Stove

Matthew J. Spireng • Gut Shot

JeFF Stumpo • Bokashi

Nat Sufrin • ghazal

Karen Terrey • What separates us from animals

Marissa Bell Toffoli • Lacework – poem (PDF)

Justin Vicari • Popular Swan #5

Agustin Vulgarin • Beautiful Creation

translated by Alexix Levitin and Fernando Iturburu

Valerie Wallace • Debbie Pope

Fritz Ward • Parents, Undressed

J.D. Whitney • From “All My Relations”

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