RHINO Poetry 2010

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Editors’ Note
Editors’ Prizes
Founders’ Prize

Jim Pascual Agustin Until Nothing Is Left

Jeffrey Alfier No One Like You

Cecco AngiolieriOne More Chance (Fat Chance)

translated by Brett Foster

Amanda Auchter Tether – poem (PDF)

Maria Banus I Say to My Pencil

translated by Adam J. Sorkin and Lidia Vianu

Lillian-Yvonne BertramWhose Problem Are My Hands

Jen Bills • Lace

Michael BoccardoHow to Be a Force of Nature: Earthquake

Monica Burchfield • Portrait of Abuela

Lauren CampA Hum – poem (PDF)

Robert Cantoni • Highway 1

James Capozzi • Ronda

Gladys Justin Carr • May Frost

Tobi Cogswell • Toronto, 1982

Elizabeth J. Colen • Toshiba Bombeat: Pan Am 103

Rob Cook • Art Season on a Ledge of Construction Paper

Patricia Corbus • Concerning Form

Melanie Crow • Annie Elopes with Henry, Snake Oil Salesman, 1827

Jessica Cuello • Neighborhood

Kathy Davis • To Market, To Market

Stephanie Dickinson • Lust Series (63)

Tyler Flynn Dorholt • From Reach/Recover

Dina Elenbogan • Aftermath

Andrea England • Love in The Depression

Marc J. Frazier • Child of Alcoholics Watches The Donna Read Show

Carol Frith • Philistines

Mark W. Fry • Blue Lakes

Emily M. Green • Driving

Daniel Gutstein Motorcade City

Meredith Davies Hadawaydiscrepancies

Heather Hamilton • Bayou

Marguerite L. Harrold • Portrait

Eileen Hennessy • Lights, Out

Matthew Henrymaybe Jesus was having an off day

Jaimee Hills •“The Fascist Poem”

R Dean Hudgens • feeding time

Armine Iknadossian • The First Questions

Larry Janowski Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Short Guy

John Jiambalvo • Historical Marker Ahead

Michael Jones • MC Escher and DJ Beckett

Maya R. Khosla • New Year Between Home Countries

Arthur S Lee • Sweet Nothings

y madrone • Pocketed – poem (PDF)

Michael Malan • Lemon Twist

Sally Wen Mao • Inviolacy and The Spring of Terrible Fevers – poem (PDF)

Stephen Massimilla • Etymology

Matt McBrideTransmission Farewell

Nathan McClain • Poem in which I mention a hobby

Donnelle McGee • Love Turned Backwards

elena minor • Untitled, with Late Coda

Travis Mossotti • About the Dead and Form

CJ Muchhala • Undertow

Peter Munroe • Winter Run

Amy Newday • Remedy

Leah Norton • The Hunter-Gatherer in the Suburbs and The Hunter-Gatherer Searches for a Mate

Kathryn Nuernberger • Odysseus Hung the Whores on a Laundry Line and Cruelty They Say is Just One more Cultural Norm and I have Been a Whore

Anthony OpalThe Mauve Soap in the White Dish

Lynn Pattison • Bend over backwards

Diana PinckneyOut There

Doug Ramspeck • Mud in Heaven

Meg Reilly • lulu

Richard RobbinsNight Flight Across the Atlantic

John Savoie • After Reading an Old National Geographic in Hopes of Sleep

Steven Schroederfor the ear of the eye

David Scronce • Letter From Wisconsin and March 22

Virginia ShankHunger

Michael ShayLove Poem

Sarah J. Sloat • sPonge and Steam

Rich SmithStill Life in a Field

Paul SoharThe History of Nothing

Tim StaleyThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Pregnant

Tanya Stepan • The Letter

Anita Sullivan • Jackie on Patmos

Marguerite Sullivan • Joe Cracked

David Thacker • Lily, Late

Amber Flora ThomasSpider

John Thomas • Mercado Antiguo

Andy Trebig • Dear Ellie – poem (PDF)

Charles Harper WebbDr. Bird

Mal Westcott • Convergent Evolution

BP WhalenIf I Were An Alpaca

Elizabeth WilcoxA Kingdom Ago, By The River

Rynn WilliamsSin City – poem (PDF) and That’s What I Like About Celina, OH

Catherine WoodardThe Unanswered Note

William Kelley WoolfittMemento

Mabel Yu • Cut With a Cake Knife

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