RHINO Poetry 2012


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Founders’ Prize Contest


James Tadd Adcox Mice

Neil Aitken Babbage Departing Turin By Coach,1840 – audio version

Holly Amos full of magic words – poem (PDF)

Kate Asche Small Animals – audio version

Ruth Awad Winter Salat

Kaveh Bassiri Elementary English Grains

Jeffrey Bean Love brought me down again

Monica Berlin [To scale, yes, days to scale, even when they grow so cluttered] – audio version

Tara Betts An Only Child

Richard Boada Post-Soviet Recession – audio version

Ace Boggess Yes

Marion Boyer Morning Streets, Leningrad Shadows

Richard Broderick Night Shift

Claudia Burbank Warning

Trina Burke Housekeeping

Mary Lou Buschi Drive II.

John Randolph Carter The “Hello” Barbarian

Scott Challener After a Line of Pound’s Multum in Parvo

Nguyễn Quốc Chánh Three Million Ways to be Contemporary
translated from the Vietnamese by Hai-Dang Phan

Joseph Chapman Epistemology Can Be a Problematic Subject

Bill Christophersen Angel Wings, Keyhole Limpet…

Carrie Conners Cheers, Christmas Eve 2008

Nina Corwin dear hippocrates- –audio version

Kristina Marie Darling Noctuary (II)

Nick Demske Sux 2 B – audio version

Emari DiGiorgio 1434 Dead – poem (PDF)

Aran Donovan •  domestic scene – audio version

James Doyle Butterfly Incantation

John Duvernoy Lure on Lure

Sergei Esenin Letter to My Mother – audio version
translated from the Russian by Rebecca Gould

Jeffrey Galbraith Fields a Green Wave – audio version

Tyler Gobble My Answer

Jenny Goldberg Flower Power Seeks Pussytoes

Kathy Goodkin Pentimento; Michigan Nocturne – audio versions

Sandra Graff Morning Glories

Vanessa Haley Six Horses – audio version

Christine Hamm My Animal Kingdom

Michael Hanner What Gravity Means to Me – audio version

Shadab Zeest Hashmi I look out the Mughal window – poem (PDF) audio version; Monsoon

Theodosia Henney Skin Deep – audio version

Eric Higgins James Wright – audio version

Sean Howard shadowgraph 44: observation appears as an event – poem (PDF) – audio version

Louisa Howerow • A Visit to Buñuel’s Ophthalmologist – audio version

Amorak Huey Poem for Saturday’s Apocalypse – audio version

Larry Janowski Religious Poem

Brett Elizabeth Jenkins Snow Salutation

Susan Johnson The Mind of the Ancient Biographer

J. Joseph Kane Centralia, PA – audio version

Genevieve Kaplan I’m there the moment it begins

Cindy E. King Dry Spell

Alyse Knorr • Tu fui ego eris

Sandra Kolankiewicz The Comet –  audio version

Michael Kriesel Friday Night at the Haiku A Go-Go

Dan Lau •  Chymos

Brenna W. Lemieux Ear Training

Willie Lin Dream with Omen

Kenji C. Liu • a history of my complexion

Karen Llagas Tamayo’s Animales

Stephen Longfellow Lost

Yi Lu On the Grassland
translated from the Chinese by Ye Chun

Margaret Mackinnon The Juniper Tree – audio version

Y. Madrone no one middle-named, only patronymics – audio version

Christine Marshall Anna O

Todd McCarty Alice Notley Valentine – audio version

Gary L. McDowell Of Rain

Kathleen McGookey Postcard from a Little Boat – audio version

Arthur McMaster Sunfish

Keith Montesano The Author as Man in the Distant Field Who Watches Mikey Get Electrocuted by the Road and Guard Rail in The Ice Storm

Jennifer Moore Ode to Grammar

John Mortara beach party castle bravo

Hŏ Nansŏrhŏn Autumn Longing
translated from the classical Chinese by Ian Haight and Taeyoung Hŏ – audio version

Michelle Oakes One Night in September

Seth Oelbaum Female Stockings (Elizabethan Sonnet) – poem (PDF)

Christina Olson Punk Rock Poem Grows Up – audio version

Jill Osier You Don’t Know Iowa – audio version

Leigh Phillips •  Country Grammar

Matthew Porubsky John Doe – audio verion

Carol Potter Twinkies

Ana Ristović •  [A mirror hangs in the butcher shop]poem (PDF)
translated from the Serbian by Maja Teref and Steven Teref

António Ramos Rosa •  [Untitled]
translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin

Sean M. Rumschik The Bright Rooms

Erika L. Sánchez Recession Poem #3

J.D. Schraffenberger • Sine Nomine Patris – audio version

Seokje Seong Major
translated from the Korean by Hyunsim Lim and Rob Walsh

Daniel M. Shapiro Dress Rehearsal for James Brown’s Memorial Service, Augusta, GA, 2006; Don Knotts Returns to His Hometown of Morgantown, WV, 1982  – audio versions

Gregg Shapiro ‘77

Barry Silesky Brothers

Kevin Simmonds Clenched; salt (a suicide meditation) – poem (PDF)

Ephraim Scott Sommers Watching the Wedding in the Park

Daniel Suarez Abuela Was Meticulous With Rice

Casey Thayer For Dennis the Blue Whale I Adopted in Grade School

Jeff Tigchelaar Monotropa Uniflora – audio version

Rachel Trousdale Learning Swahili – audio version

Jeffrey Tucker Aria to Autumn #3

Carol Tyx Preparing the Beans – audio version

Marianne Villanueva Eating

Lina ramona Vitkauskas Raising the Kundalini

Donna Vorreyer Housecleaning Venus

Ocean Vuong Pedicures

Marty Walsh Her Ex Sent Roses

Andrea L. Watson Ah, if only the village were so small

Bob Watts Taking My Daughter Who Was Not Born to See Her Grandfather Who Is Already Dead

Mary Clara White Garden Song at a Cremation – poem (PDF); Heidi’s Wheelchair

Mike White How to Make a Bird with Two Hands

Derek JG Williams Grace

Ruth Williams Lava Lamp – audio version

Eliot Khalil Wilson Uncle Frank Meets the Artist Formerly Known as Prince

Emily Wilson Selections from

Changming Yuan Truncated Truths (3): Crow

Paula Anne Yup My Sore Toe

Carolyn Zukowski •  In Our Nuclear Summer – audio version



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