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Editors’ Note

Editors’ Prizes

Founders’ Prize Contest


Samuel Ace & Maureen Seaton • Necessary Roughness

Jeffrey Allen •  Johnny  (2014 Illinois Arts Council Literary Award Winner, Runner-up, Founders’ Prize) – audio poem

Toby Altman • Re: but the stem of me (rhetoric for declining love) –
audio version

David Appelbaum • Prolix

Ann Barngrover • Thing of Beauty

Margaret Bashaar • XXVI.  On discernment of thoughts, passions and virtues; on expert discernment; brief summary of all aforementioned

Bridgette Bates • Untitled

Joan Biddle • The Orchid and The Banana – audio versions

Lucy Biederman • Don’t Get Too Attached to the Girl – audio poem

Bryan Borland • I’ll Tell Your Brother Years from Now

Karina Borowicz Fourth of July

Kathleen Boyle • Triptych

Tara Bray • Mary (the name of my mother and of her mother)

Abigail Browning • Shapes and Hosiery, 1942

Jeff Burt • Mown Grass

John Randolph Carter This Is Something and Tree Stompers

Kyle Churney • Desert Ghazal – (2014 Illinois Arts Council Literary Award Winner) audio poem

Katharine Coles • Exit Interview

Esteban Colon • Perspective

Matthew Reed Corey • Above the Conifers, the Bronze Topknot of a Great Buddha

Claudia Cortese • Lucy tells the boy to suck – audio poem
Honorable Mention – 2013 Editors’ PrizeFinalist, Founders’ Prize

Adina Dabija • Story about men and furs
translated from the Romanian by Claudia Serea

Michael Daley • Cow Field, Mist, Dusk – audio poem

Albert DeGenova A Good Hammer (Finalist, Founders’ Prize) – audio poem

Nick DePascal • bruised fruit – audio poem

Darrell Epp • Weather Report

Jennifer Fandel • The Founders of Modern Zydeco – audio poem

Kim Farrar • The Oncologist’s Office

Heather Foster • Snow Lover

Angel N. Garcia • Coward

Marie Gauthier • The Minor Saints Make Do

B.L. Gentry • The Red and Yellow Halter (Finalist, Founders’ Prize)

E. Laura Golberg • Lamppost

Rodney Gomez • Drag Racer (Winner of the 2013 Editors’ Prize) audio version and Cornelio Smith

Interview with Rodney Gomez

Brenda Mann Hammack • Lady Jane and the Velvet Underground

Wang Han • Liangzhou Song
translated from the Chinese by Aaron Crippen

Annie Hartnett • An Octopus Has Three Hearts

Katie Hartsock • Cuticles (Finalist, Founders’ Prize) – audio poem

Lauren Henley • Buying Food

Sean Howard • self-thinking poems (scenes from a spontaneous therapy, march-april 2011) – audio poem

Tim Hunt • Still Life with Ash Tray and Beer Can

Rochelle Hurt • Nightmute, Alaska – audio poem

Michael Jones • Doneness: Risotto al Nero

Don Judson • Unveiling the Prophet—Lagos (Finalist, Founders’ Prize)

W. Todd Kaneko • Luna Vachon is the Shadow in Your Darkness

Liz Kay • Bias—The Witch Takes a Side – audio poem

Garret Keizer • Unread

Jill Khoury • Dream House – audio poem

Sophie Klahr • On Translation (Galveston) (Finalist, Founders’ Prize)

Virginia Konchan • Zsa Zsa Gabor Learns to Read  (2014 Illinois Arts Council Literary Award Winner) – audio poem

Stephen Lackaye • The Circus Fires

Mike Lala • Untitled (Poem for Sleep) – audio poem

Meghan M. Lee • Pleasure became singular.

Nancy Chen Long •  but so beautiful, yes?

Justin Richard Luzader • Gigging

Gail Martin • What the Net Forgets, the Water Remembers

Kathleen M. McCann • Black ‘47

Marty McConnell • the fidelity of Cincinnati

Sandy McCord • Bath II.

Adam McGee • The Hyperbole’d Heart and Nahant – audio poems

Kathleen McGookey • I Wait

Janet McNally  • Persephone is Pregnant – audio poem

Rachel Mennies • My Sister the Abacus – audio poem

Joseph Millar • Boy Meets Girl

Michael Mlekoday • Home Remedies

Brad Modlin • All of It – audio poem

Elisabeth Murawski • Hardy’s Fiddle – audio poem

Matthew Murrey • 62

Rodney Nelson • October Twenty-five

Jeff Oaks • The Woodchuck

Ladan Osman • The Pound – audio poem

Francesca Pellegrino • To God
translated from the Italian by Adria Bernardi

M. Pfaff • asphodel (Finalist, Founders’ Prize)

Kenneth Pobo • Loplop Introduces a Young Girl – audio poem

Zana Previti • Husband

Lana Rakhman • Tarot Reading: March 3rd of the Gallows and Tarot Reading: April 11th of the Endless Wall

Jim Redmond • Cloud Gate

Kristin Robertson • Hyoid Bone (Second Place Winner of the 2013 Editors’ Prize) audio version: Hyoid Bone.m4a

Christopher Robley • Semitone Étude (recessional with 12 fermatas), in which synched keys are struck with each checked-off item on Katharine’s to-do list

Enrique Barrero Rodríguez • XXIX from Liturgy of the Abandoned Voice
translated from the Spanish by John Poch

Donika Ross • Last rites

Jenny Sadre-Orafai • After The Hard Part Comes The Future – audio poem

Michael Salcman • Medulloblastoma

Rikki Santer • You Could Call It – audio poem

Michael Schmeltzer •  “…because there were no flowers I began picking up bones.” – audio poem

Penelope Scambly Schott  •  Story of the Beautiful Daughter Ralinavut (Runner-up for the 2013 Founders’ Prize)  and Shadow Play for my Mother in Six Scenes (Winner of the 2013 Founders’ Prize) – audio versions

Peter Sears • My Friend the Beast

Joan I. Siegel • Last morning of my mother

Spencer Smith • Minor Revision

Sarah Stickney • [French girls still keep]

Sara Talpos • Itinerant (Finalist, Founders’ Prize)

Chris Tanseer • The Nile Is a River in Egypt – audio poem

Steven Teref  •  Man Without Qualities

Andrew Terhune Mel Gibson and Kyle MacLachlan

Sidney Thompson •  Salve – audio poem

Nhã Thuyên • A Dream of Water
translated from the Vietnamese original Giấc mơ nước by Nhat-Lang Le

John Tustin • Appetite

Laura Van Prooyen • Out of Town

Megan Volpert • Whitman lives

Jeanne Wagner Somewhere Between Countries (Finalist, Founders’ Prize)

Brian Phillip Whalen • Envy and Early Harvest – audio poems

Nicholas YB Wong • Self Portrait as Eeyore, to Pooh – audio poem

Bill Yarrow • Cranshaw on a Boat –audio poem

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