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In Memoriam, Helen Degen Cohen – Beloved Poet, RHINO Founder and Editor

Contents [online poems are typically published in 3 installments 2015-16: August/September, November/December, January; full content only available in print; audio versions appear throughout 2016-2017]

Editors’ Note 

Editors’ Prizes 

Founders’ Prizes 

Anonymous  •  The Seafarer • translated from the Anglo-Saxon by Bill Christophersen – Winner of the 2016 Translation Prize

José Angel Araguz  • Scripture: Meadowlark and Scripture: Hour 

JoAnn Balingit •  Limón Homage 

Sasha Banks • If I Say I Hate My Country 

J. Max Barry • Oral Exam 

Andrea Beltran • Molehill 

Justin Bigos  •  Portrait of My Father as John Clare: “To an Infant Daughter” 

Ace Boggess • House of Usher 

Conor Bracken • Anti-Elegy During Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 

Tina Boyer Brown • Once Roads 

Sue D. Burton • In the Fairy Tale, the Croaking of Frogs 

Doug Paul Case • from Letter to the Aliens

Christopher Childers • Rutabaga, Rutabaga 

Adam Chiles • Instructions for Water 

Brian Clifton • All Pigeons Were Once Called Doves 

Helen Degen Cohen • On Reading Tranströmer 

Mark Conway • in the exit wound 

Jessica Cuello • Merry Christmas: Moby Dick Chapter 22

E.G. Cunningham • [In Situ] 

Kristina Marie Darling & John Gallaher • The Chapter on Etiquette 

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach • Why Hermit Crabs Make Terrible Pets 

Jim Davis • Above the City in a Raincloud 

Denise Duhamel • Facelift 

Teresa Dzieglewicz • St Maria Goretti speaks to the girl – runner up, 2016 Founders’ Prize  and  Stranger, thank you for giving me this bodyhonorable mention, 2016 Editors’ Prize

Michael Estes • Carapace 

Lane Falcon • One Small Thing 

Ezra Dan Feldman • On Location 3 

t’ai freedom ford • southside 

Aricka Foreman • How To Have A Breakdown in Shondaland 

Stephen Frech • The Falling Man and Unbroken from the Fall 

Malisa Garlieb • Diversion 

John Gosslee • Post 

Jonathan Greenhause • This is the new me, 

Greg Grummer • The Great Butterfly Collapse – winner of the 2016 Founders’ Prize

Dan Gutstein • Buoyancy & Co. 

Gëzim Hajdari • [We escape again into our bodies]  • translated from the Italian by Charif  Shanahan

Dan Haney • Overboard Judas 

Katie Hartsock • On the Heat of Upstate Travel in the Advancing Polar Air – runner up, 2016 Founders’ Prize

Eric Helms • Prelude 

Julia Heney • Vespers 

Christine Herzer • Devotion 2003-2006 

Tim Hillegonds • Working for a Lineman in Colorado 

Ann Hudson • Having It Out With Walt Whitman at ACE Hardware 

Michael Derrick Hudson • Six Reasons Why Bugs Bunny is Still My Favorite Cartoon Character 

Ana Hurtado • Frog Water 

Safia Jama • Portrait of My Mother as Emily D 

Sarah Jefferis • This is Me Following, or Raisin Bran and Strawberry Lube 

Sarah Katz • Leaving the Village 

Jill Khoury • Boundary Crossing: Mother/Daughter Dyads 

Sarah Kim • Reflection 

Peter Kline • Procrastinator 

Brandon Krieg • Notes from the Anthropocene 

Matthew Landrum • Archilochus Takes a Selfie 

Ross Losapio • Lola 

Spree MacDonald • Sycorax 

Angie Macri • Same Shade 

Anthony Madrid • Running One’s Finger Along the Seam on a Tennis Ball 

Douglas Manuel • I’ll Leave Your Ass Here 

Maya Marshall • Bop for Leaving 

Erin Lyndal Martin • Mothlight 

Stephen Massimilla • I Love Her 

Donovan McAbee • Playing Army As We Enter Heaven

Fergus McAlister • Haven 

Kyle McCord • Three Trees for Lydia 

Simon Mermelstein • Syzygy 

Jennifer Metsker • 2 poems from Release: [My father drinks bourbon in the backyard while I circle.] and [Sylvia knew how to describe the things in a room.] 

Pamela Miller • This Poem Is Not for You 

Dipika Mukherjee • Wanderlust Ghazal 

Ottilie Mulzet • Sudeten 1.a 

Matt Muth • Learning a Foreign Language 

Mark Neely •  Totem 

Pablo Otavalo •  El Morro 

Annette Oxindine • Paterfamfabulous 

Laura Passin • Pain Scale 

Christopher Phelps • Frayed Dirge 

Kenneth Pobo • Skilled Hand 

Mike Puican • Drying the Dishes 

Nina Puro •  Murmur in the Inventory, or, White Noise 

Peg Alford Pursell • I Should Let You Go 

Doug Ramspeck • Winter Fever

Justin Phillip Reed • Carolina Prayer 

Katy Richey • For the Boy in Handcuffs 

Sara Quinn Rivara • Sugar Sand 

Rebecca Givens Rolland • Ode to S., Now Three 

Maggie Rowe • Like A Solemn Friend Inebriate With Rain 

Marjorie Saiser • I’ve Been Reading Too Much Philosophy 

Cintia Santana • Theater of Mind 

sam sax • Post-Diagnosis 

Jen Schalliol • Eclipse 

Cameron Scott • Second Grace

Maureen Seaton • Tit, with Blue Guitar and Queerer 

Lee Sharkey • Tashlich – Winner of the 2016 Editors’ Prize, and Old World 

Carrie Shipers • The Museum of Big Van Vader 

Karen Skolfield • On Veteran’s Day, My Daughter Wishes Me Happy Veterinarian’s Day

Sarah J. Sloat • The Quiet That Follows a Protracted Racket We’d Ceased to Register

Carol Smallwood • Fall Rain

Christina Springer • Some Ghosts

Alex Streim • Omen 

Ty Stumpf • Clipping 

Titsian Tabidze • To Nina Maqashvili  •  translated from the Georgian by Rebecca Gould

Marilyn L. Taylor • Ice 

Peter Twal • On the Road

Emily Vizzo • Here’s Grief

Elizabeth Klise von Zerneck • House on Fire 

Jim Warner • subic bay 

Dylan Weir • My First Heroin Overdose

Maceo J. Whitaker • Can I Kick It! 

M. Clara White • Violin on Christmas Morning 

Catherine Wing • Report from the Neandertal Mind – Second place, 2016 Editors’ Prize

Eric Lui Wing-kai • Downpour – translated from the Chinese byNicholas Wong

Devon Wootten • [The atomists were not incorrect.] 

Theodore Worozbyt • Unusual Answers 

Contributors’ Notes