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CONTENTS [online poems are published in 3 installments]

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Founders’ Prize Contest


Samuel Ace • How all of which relate

Tory Adkisson • California

Mahmud Al-Braikan Song of Quiet Horror
translated from the Arabic by Haider Al-Kabi

R. A. Allen • Maudit

Jose Angel Araguz • The Ashtray  audio poem

Samuel Arizpe • La Esposa 

Hamutal Bar-Yosef • Bubble gum – audio poem

Rebecca Kinzie Bastian • Because There Is Really No Way to Console 

Michael Bazzett • Pale

Emma Bolden • Of Blue Morning

Daniel Bourne • Stigmatas – audio poem

GF Boyer • The Dark Pond

Josh A. Brewer • Grounds – audio poem

Ronda Broatch • We Were Talking of White Birds

J. Camp Brown • Then the Everlasting

Jody Burke-Kaiser • Spring, first day of

Jeff Burt • Summer Solstice

Joanne M. Clarkson • The Mannequin’s Comb – audio poem

Nahshon Cook • A Young Lakota Manaudio poem

Nina Corwin • Invitation –  audio poem

William Coughlin • Cousin Rose  audio poem

Ismelda Cruz • Prayer for Ilda

P. Scott Cunningham • Planet Earthaudio poem
Second prize winner of the Editors’ Prize

Joey De Jesus • black mamba moltaudio poem

Stephanie Dickinson • Venado

Laura Donnelly • The Dove House

Lane Falcon • Green

Shawn Fawson • Interior With Stairwell

Marc J. Frazier • My Sister’s Keeper – audio poem

Hannah Fries • House Plant

Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney • Missing Persons Report

Dan Godston • Violet Gas

Dan Gutstein • The Way You Enter the Afternoon –  audio poem

Tim Hillegonds • Biology – audio poem

Paul Hostovsky • Man Praying in a Men’s Room – audio poem

Jane Huffman • There Is No Blue Without Yellow and Orange

Tim Hunt • Ravi Shankar After the Show (Ithaca, NY, December 1968)

Jessie Janeshek Be Patient, the Swell Will Go Down

Elaine Johanson • Thirst

André V. Katkov • Napoleon Bonaparte

Kathleen Kirk • Cassandra is Overcome by Beauty

C. Ann Kodra • Dowsing
Honorable mention for the Editors’ Prize

Sandra Kolankiewicz • Sideways Apology – audio poem

Brandon Krieg • Comedy of Mirrors – audio poem
First prize winner of the Editors’ Prize

Rachel Kubie • daphne 

Elizabeth Langemak • I Let Myself Think

David Lazar • Why Things Happen

Diane LeBlanc • A Mistranslation of Baudelaire’s “Evening Harmony”

Julia B. Levine • Conjoined: Post-Surgical Narrative

Federico García Lorca • In the Garden of Lunar Grapefruit – translated from the Spanish by Eitan Rubinfeld

Curtis Luckey • Caboceer Dumps Abusive Lover

Diana Lueptow • Peripherally Yours

Ann LynnWhen Jesus had received the wine, he said, It is finished,

Nadra Mabrouk • Crooked – audio poem

Laurin Becker Macios • Marriage on Canvas

 Ruth Madievsky • On Writing

Y. Madrone • Traceries

Michael Marberry • Love Poem –  audio poem

Thomas March • “Ideal Weight” – audio poem

Diane K. Martin • Fata Morgana –  audio poem

David Tomas Martinez • Silent Time

Teresa Milbrodt • Prayers and Shoe-Shi

Matthew MinicucciRoute 24, Limon, CO and Leptotyphlopidae – audio poems

John C. Morrison • Pollywog – audio poem

Abby E. Murray • Crossing the Knik – audio poem

Dave Nielsen • Keep Looking

Jóanes NielsenThe Mountains Have Been and Left Out in the Cold
translated from the Faroese by Matthew Landrum – audio poem

Pablo Otavalo • Great-Grand – audio poem

Nancy Pagh Tents and Eels

Kate Partridge • Say When – audio poem

Ricardo Pau-Llosa • Above a Barrier Reef

Michelle Peñaloza • Case Study: Imprint

Roger Pfingston • No Grass

Marge Piercy • We can share

Dan Pinkerton • Disguise

Alexis Pope • Directions: Experience The Meaning – audio poem

Laura Praytor • Underwear Poem

Megan Pugh • There Are Places in the West and I Have Been to Them

Octavio Quintanilla Tell Them Love is Found
Honorable mention for the Editors’ Prize

Laura Ramos • The Modern Practice of Osteomancy

Doug Ramspeck • Crow Art

Gwen North Reiss • Cloth & Pinking Shears – audio poem

Rainer Maria RilkeWindows, VII
translated from the French by Susanne Petermann

Nita K. Ritzke • Unseasonable

AJ Roberts • Earthquake

Michael RobinsGoodnight Virginia and State of the Union

Henry Rodgers • The Warden’s Letter

José Antonio Rodríguezpoem in honor of the one year anniversary of my sister Aleida’s death which is five days away
Winner of the 2014 Founders’ Prize

Alida Rol • Spoiled

Tomaž Šalamun • Grandfather and The Master

Cintia Santana • [C]

Philip Schaefer • Longest Division

Adam SchefflerAmericas – audio poem
Runner-up to the 2014 Founders’ Prize

Peter Schireson • The Fall of The Ming

Shahram ShahidiPeace Before Cigarette Butt Storm
translated from the Persian by Alireza Taheri Araghi,
edited by Thade Correa
Winner of the Translation Prize

Sarah J. Sloat Typeface 71 and Typeface #77

Danez Smith • cue the gangsta rap when my knees bend

Jon Snider • Wise Bottle

Billy Templeton III • In-Law

Frank Terry • The Day Kerry Wood Retired – audio poem

Sarah Terry • Look at me, baby, I’m a star

Mary Jo ThompsonBody Breakers – audio poem
Runner-up to the 2014 Founders’ Prize

Sara Tracey • St. Rocco’s Home for Girls, 1941

Madeline Vardell • The Insect Collector’s Assistant – audio poem

Sara Wainscott • Cherry Pie Mug Shot

Jesse Wallis • Tsunami Photograph – audio poem

Mike White • Lines

Brandon Whiting • Stillbirth

Benjamin WinklerVI. and  X. – audio poems

William Winfield Wright • Cosmonauts – audio poem

Joshua Young • August ’82 – audio poem

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