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CONTENTS [online poems are published in 3 installments 2015-16: August, November, December/January; full content only available in print; audio versions appear throughout 2015-2016]

Editors’ Note

Editors’ Prizes

Founders’ Prize

Contest Winners

Jada Ach • Francis

D.M. Aderibigbe • Art of Surviving – audio poem

Dilruba Ahmed • Cancer Weather

José Angel Araguz • Joe Editors’ Prize – audio poem

Sylvia Ashby • Entanglement Theory

Nayelly Barrios • On Stealing Your Bones From Mictecacihuatl

Jen Bartman • Sailor’s Song

Charles Baudelaire • Spleen – translated from the French by Wendy Nardi

Erin Bealmear • I Love You, Jack – audio poem

Julia Bouwsma • After the Wedding

Shevaun Brannigan  • I Want to Write a Memoir

Peter Burzynski • Slavophile

Kevin Carollo • Homework Assignment

Enda Carty • In the Old Barn – audio poem

Marcelo Hernandez Castillo • First Gesture in Reverse

Chance Castro • The first time my grandpa told me where we come from

Sam Cha • What you lose

Sara Biggs Chaney • Writing fan fiction about Ke$ha

Wendy Chin-Tanner • The Long Nap – audio poem

Timothy Cook • Washing Machine

Nina Corwin • Sal(i)vation

T. Zachary Cotler • Balzac’s Garden

Heather Cox • Relics – audio poem

Lisa Croneberg • Queen of the Asylum

J. Jerome Cruz • Basic Training

Kyle Dacuyan • Res Extensa

Agnes Davis  Strike Gently

Chelsea Dingman • Little Hell

Kimberly D. Dixon-Mays • My fibroids

Ana Dragu • fever – translated from the Romanian by Claudia Serea

John Duvernoy • Dispossession Blues

Joe Eldridge • InventoryHe Looks at Clouds Founders’ Prize Contest Runner-up

Benjamin Evans • Stay Illusion

Cal Freeman • Fight Song of the Little Horse

Jenny George • One-Way Gate

Ruth Goring • Syllables

John Gosslee • Chapter of Loss – audio poem

Farouk Goweda • Cause –  translated from the Arabic by Walid Abdallah and Andy Fogle Co-winners of the Translation Prize

Amy Grimm • Siren

Susan Grimm • Ignoring the Text for the Texture

Kathleen Gunton • Bliss With Jane Kenyon: Cento

Kathleen Hellen • On stones – audio poem

Sara Henning • The Mandoline

Sophia Holtz • Unsent Letteraudio poem

Ruth Holzer • Fritz and Mutti,

Amorak Huey • The Letter X Puts on a Clown Suit, Sits on a Park Bench Across From a Playground, and Contemplates Fatherhood

Tim Hunt • Yusef Lateef Opens for The Byrds (The Fillmore, San Francisco,)

Cynthia Huntington • Hart Crane

Esteban Ismael • bird work [song]

Olja Savičević Ivančević • Devil & Freedom – translated from the Croatian by Andrea Jurjević Co-winner of the Translation Prize

Satoshi Iwai • Shell

Richard Jones • Baudelaire

Don Judson • [Untitled—from a series of poems dearmother]

Elisa Karbin • Solstice

Mary Soon Lee • Words

Samantha Leigh • A Dog’s Hunt for Love

dawn lonsinger • We Have No Idea

Brianna Low • Communion

Gregory Mahrer • Ciudad de las Manos

Marco Maisto • Object Permanence  audio poem

Maya Marshall • Eviction

Nate Marshall • buying new shoes Editors’ Prize Honorable Mention

Timothy Martin • O Fortunate One

Roy Mash • The Blob

Carlo Matos • Émilie du Châtelet

John McCarthy • Samuel’s Ear

Autumn McClintock • The Herd

Max McDonough • Chapter

Meredith McDonough • Etta Place Ponders Ann Bassett – audio poem

Janet McNally • Mothers, We Are Gone

Lucien Darjeun Meadows • Interval

Faisal Mohyuddin • Of the Punjab

Jennifer Moore • Saint Veronica Has Something to Say  audio poem

Jeffrey Morgan  Realistic Black Horse Mask (Fits Most Adult Heads) – audio poem

Christina Mun-Lutz • A Story of War

Peter E. Murphy • Do Not Resuscitate – audio poem

R.C. Neighbors • Black Boys

Kelly Nelson • He (Hemos perdido aun)

Maureen O’Brien • Girls in a Skiff – audio poem

Elizabeth O’Connell-Thompson • Cooking Lessons

Raul Palma • Saturday Night

Deborah Paredez • Lightening

Sunthorn Phu • When the Candles Went Out – translated from the Thai by Noh Anothai

Zoe Polach • The Materialist – audio poem

Marcia J. Pradzinski • All That Moves You Through This World

Khadijah Queen • When I met LL Cool J I had just quit Fatburger

Alexis Quinlan • What I likedaudio poem

Bill Rector • the foot of the bed

Kevin Riel • The Exuberances

Kenyatta Rogers • I Can’t Be as Sad as Richard Siken

Christa Romanosky • Libretto Juvenescence

Carol Sadtler • Praise Him

Timothy Sanchez • Wontons

Cintia Santana • Dear Mr. Vastness, Dear Mr. School

sam sax • essay on crying in public – audio poem

Ravi Shankar & Nancy Kuhl  • Broca’s Area

Shoshauna Shy • Her One-Show Rodeo

Kevin Simmonds • Frequency No. 41

Brian Simoneau • Raven to a Traveler Lost in the Woods

Sarah J. Sloat • Electric Singer

Rachel L. Slotnick • Tales from My Fisherman Father Winner of the Founders’ Prize Contest

BJ Soloy • Prayer in Small Print

Joannie Stangeland • Even an Ill Wind  audio poem

Will Stockton • Multiplication as Repeated Addition

Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet • Charge – audio poem

Kate Ward Sugar • Still Life With False Positive

Lisa Summe • Birthdays – audio poem

John Surowiecki • Vodka Martini à la Menelaus

Laura Swearingen-Steadwell • processional

Daniel Tobin • The Year Broached What

Paul Tran • [He picked me up] Editors’ Prize: Second Prize

Emily Tuszynska • Ceiling

Unknown • [Reaching together,] – translated from the Maori by Abby Ryder-Huth

V.R. Waters • Outside the Law: 1966 – audio poem

Rachel Jamison Webster • Erosion

Arne Weingart • Giacometti Nail

Quinn White • Crimes Against Beethoven

Derek JG Williams • These Kingdoms of Ours audio poem

Keith S. Wilson yellow journalism
Founders’ Prize: Runner-up

Sarah Ann Winn • Appendix P

Bill Yarrow • Hart Crane Pantoum (No. 1) – audio poem

Monika Zobel • Wind (Blackbox)

Suzanne Zweizig • ( )

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