Art Work

2016 RHINO Poetry Journal cover and illustrations by Michael Miner.







2015 RHINO Poetry Journal cover and illustrations by Keith J. Taylor.

“Fine art and funny business. I like to think that my work is the synthesis of the two key elements of my creative life – I love to draw and to make people laugh.”





2014 RHINO Poetry Journal cover and illustrations by Kevin Veara.

“Nature is what I am interested in and where my concern is in regards to my paintings. I work my ideas out on paper before transferring them to boards. Using a limited color pallet of acrylics I feel it allows me more freedom in other areas of my work. I sometimes incorporate the bird’s call into the piece at the very end if I think it will work. . . ..I wanted to give the rhino a voice showing it as a living entity as I do with my birds. After sketching out many ideas I committed to a few and transferred the rhinos to small boards. I then used the same pallet that I was currently working with at the time with my work.”  RHINO’s Interview with Kevin Veara.



2013 RHINO Poetry Journal cover and illustrations by Steve Musgrave.

“I have been working as an illustrator in Chicago since 1979, and I work in a variety of media from digital to traditional. When I did the initial sketches for the 2013 Rhino cover, I was thinking of the simple calligraphic shapes of Japanese brush painting, or the powerfully stylized animals of primitive cave paintings. I wasn’t sure how I would finish the piece, but I was thinking of a simple earth-tone palette. Then Ralph mentioned that the sketches reminded him of Franz Marc, whose paintings of animals inspired me to paint a simply modeled cobalt blue rhino. I placed him on a neutral earth-tone background to retain some of the original idea of this as a sort of cave painting.”

2012 RHINO Poetry Journal cover and illustrations by Nancy Robinson.

“I call the current paintings I’m working on “psychological portraits”. Each of my paintings tells the story of my daily life. Rather than illustrate my stories in confessional detail, with people and situations which are recognizable snapshots from my existence, I transform my personal experiences into archetypal stories and images which are universal and can be shared by all.”

2011 RHINO Poetry Journal cover and illustrations by Doug Stapleton.
“In my collages, I cut and re-configure found images to set up ambiguous narratives that often refer to the original source, but mess around with the message. Visually I respond to the operatic shimmer,  sparkle and complexity—the grandly narrated spectacle—that is the history of western art. I want to continue that high key drama in my work.”

2010 RHINO Poetry Journal cover and illustrations by David Lee Csicsko.

“A proud son of the Midwest, of Indiana, of the South Shore of Lake Michigan, of laboring people, Chicago artist David Csicsko is the most democratic of artists. It should come as no surprise that he was influenced as a boy by the art of an area church that showed, with reverence and celebration, the art of labor. From his family came an enviable work ethic and a refusal to judge people by surfaces or to accept prejudices instead of being guided by basic decency. This openness, this naturalness, has meant that people often viewed by others as outsiders – children, Black people, gay people, people of faith – have come to David to tell their stories. And he tells them both honestly and beautifully in his work.” ~From WFMT’s Andrew Patner

Tom Bachtell RHINO2009 RHINO Poetry Journal cover and illustrations by Tom Bachtell.
Tom Bachtell’s distinctive drawings and caricatures appear each week in “The Talk of the Town” and other sections of The New Yorker where he has been a regular contributor for some 20 years.  Tom’s work is seen in many other national and international publications, from Entertainment Weekly to Newsweek, Forbes to Bon Appetit, Town and Country to Mother Jones, as well as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York magazine, The New York Observer, London’s Evening Standard,  and Poetry magazine.  His ad campaigns range from the late Marshall Field’s department store to Lands’ End mail order to the chamber music series at The University of Chicago.

RHINO Poetry is grateful to the talented illustrators who have donated their time and work to us.
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