6/23/19 RHINO Forum: What's in a Name with Gail Goepfert

Gail Crop Bench - Copy.jpg

Evanston Public Library
ROOM 108 – Small Meeting Room
Church & Orrington

June 23 2019, 1:30-4:30pm

What’s in a name? A title that seems to fit a poem can elude us for days or months. How to we decide what works best for the poem? Titles can hint at the content of a poem, or they can do real “work” for the poem; they can set a tone with cleverness or they can act as magnets, pulling the reader into the mystery. An entire poem may be wrenched loose from just the right title and steer its writing, or it may be the lid on the pot that we place last. How do titles work? How do we come to them? How do we know if they are a good fit?

Gail Goepfert, an associate editor at RHINO Poetry, is a Midwest poet, photographer, and teacher. She has two published books--A Mind on Pain in 2015 and Tapping Roots 2018. Get Up Said the World will appear in 2019 from Červená Barva. She’ received four Pushcart Prize Nominations. Recent publications include Kudzu House, Stone Boat, Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine, Bluestem, Open: Journal of Arts and Letters, SWWIM, and Beloit Poetry Journal. More at gailgoepfert.com