2/24/19 RHINO Poetry Forum: Jessica Terson

jessica terson.jpg

Evanston Public Library
ROOM 108 – Small Meeting Room
Church & Orrington

Feb 24, 2019, 1:30-4:30pm

Bring your poetry, get feedback, and learn from this month’s featured poet, Jessica Terson.

In his essay, “The Four Temperaments and the Forms of Poetry,” Gregory Orr writes, “Different poets are born with different temperaments, and the nature of their temperates determines essential qualities of the poems they write.” These four temperaments are: Imagination, music, story, and structure. A great poem will display all four temperaments. As improving poets, it is not enough to develop our distinct temperament; we must also cultivate the others. We will look at poems by Dylan Thomas and William Wordsworth and explore how poetry can succeed or fail based on the incorporation (or lack there of) of each temperament. We will then reflect on our own writing. Do our poems embody imagination, music, story, and structure? What are our strengths and on what can we continue to improve?

Jessica Terson’s poetry has previously appeared in The Georgia Review, New Orleans Review (web feature), River Styx, River Teeth Journal, Southern Poetry Review, and elsewhere. Her prose has appeared in Beloit Fiction Journal, Cleaver Magazine, The Los Angeles Review, and other journals. She is an editorial intern for RHINO Poetry.