RHINO 2019



RHINO Poetry

is an award-winning  literary annual print journal  which invites traditional and experimental work reflecting passion, originality, artistic conviction, and a love affair with language. We publish poetry, flash fiction, and translations.


RHINO 2019

Amidst all the contradictions and challenges of our time, RHINO’s light remains bright because of the extraordinary gifts of the poets we’ve published (along with our editors’ dedicated service) for the last 42 years. With 137 poems by 126 poets, RHINO 2019 is our largest issue ever.

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RHINO 2018

There is wonder and delight in RHINO 2018, to be sure. Just as there is goofy, slack-jawed, and subversive humor. And, of course, the issue is flush with imagination and linguistic artistry. But with titles like “Naked Bootleg and the American Distance” and “Being Caught in a Failing State,” this year’s poems also reveal the distinctly anxious tenor of our time.

Founders' Prize Winner: Asking for a Friend by Abby E. Murray
Editor's Prize Winner: Worms by Erika Brummett
Translation Prize Winner: Hat by Dejan Aleksic trans. Charles Simic

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RHINO 2017

Now in our 41st year, the poems in RHINO 2017 reflect the uncertain times in which we live—the doubts and dread, as well as the heady courage,  fierce resolve, subversive humor, and buoyant faith in the future. But even more, they provide stunning evidence of poets’ ability to transform  first-hand, fearless discernment into revelatory art.

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RHINO 2016

Poetry is, in Eliot’s phrase, “a raid on the inarticulate.” It continually pushes against the limitations of language. Thus poetry is often an antidote to all that shuts us down, that makes life meager, thinner, more numb, more complacent, less meaningful. For 40 years RHINO has sought to be such a “raider,” providing an annual selection of the best contemporary poetry in English. This anniversary year’s edition is no exception.

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RHINO 2015

With 125 poems chosen from a pool of over 11,000-- our largest issue to date -- RHINO 2015 is a virtual mansion of many rooms, each with a window looking into the heart of the poet as well as out beyond the boundaries of our world.

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