The RHINO Internship

The RHINO Internship is designed for students to participate in the experience of editing an award-winning literary magazine.  Interns (undergraduate students) and Editorial Assistants (graduate students) work closely with the editorial board and are highly valued members of the RHINO Poetry community. The internship is unpaid. RHINO uses interns throughout the school years as well as during Summer.
Check with your college/university department chair or service-learning center about receiving credit for the experience.

Tasks for undergraduate interns may include logging of submissions during editorial meetings; rejection letters; new issue mailings; database/web site updating and enhancing, social marketing, help with events, and special research projects.

Tasks for graduate student editorial assistants focus primarily on reading submissions and participating in discussions of poems with the editors. They may also include special research projects.

Except in rare instances, interns and graduate assistants are expected to attend editorial meetings and the annual release party. The meetings are usually in Evanston every two weeks from 6:30-9:30 pm on a Thursday evening. Interns are responsible for their own transportation to and from these meetings.


Undergraduate and graduate students:

Please send inquiries or your letter of application and resume to,

"ATTN RHINO INTERN PROGRAM" in the subject line,

or mail your materials to

RHINO Internship
RHINO Poetry
P.O. Box 591
Evanston, IL 60204