Georgic, Tri-Cities by Kylan Rice

using what was once military aviation technology
to grow better grapes using pictures from the air

Chris Anderson, ‘Agricultural Drones’

meaning don’t work so hard
Pound, Canto 76


from an aerial angle would form rings of green this side the Columbia
lush to the point the irrigation arms in reaching have to pivot or
fall back the near miss of each reach turning to circumference
to boundary still bringing in a bounty a bringing forth

from such height a true crop circle sign of no intruder instead
intrusion’s inverse familiar green leaves the flesh beneath the leaves
no evidence but readiness ready for a coming for a breach
the trespass of a gatherer a bringing in

o form
ring your double work in reaching retreat inreaching
coming unbidden counterpoint to no song I’d thought to sing but was

singing still stilled in place hoverer
turner over earth earth- bound drone unthinking
worker o o heat-seeker


openness’s images can be stitched together rendered to a hard
drive in the same span it takes for sound from an outcry
to cross the crop from the fixed wing height of an unmanned
aerial system you can tell the field its health from light from leaves

reflected then picked up in the sensor you can tell the protein
content derive from it a point cloud o
sensor repaired to a distance on wings fixed o
drone o droned the work is done for me remotely

focus me register the flourishing gaps of green I’ve laid among
high desert folds ensheaver not of deeds’ fruition nor their readiness
but readiness’s imaging imagine potential uses now the image is

stitched by lens less a cherry stone than a cherry stone-shaped
o the shock of wheat’s creep across the valley shocks into an openness
gathered graphed that wondered over grapheme


and note the optimized register
the note the fixed-wing-singing song’s fixity its singers devouring
winged things the swallow the kill -deer picker at the flesh beneath the leaves

and let the mind not forget its work its sake its deed ensheaving
doings how a thing is used to do carry your oar hero

-figure sign you suffer until it’s seen to be a thresh let it be
free it to be seen a flail enabler of a field the work it does in reality
swallowed optimized by wherever’s parameter

domain governing seeing that governs anything’s disclosing unclose it
you’ve naught but phenomena harrower tender harrowed
tenderer voyager giver of givens up remote labor

survey at a certain distance the eye growing more open
at a certain distance the shocked cry the killdeer singing not here not here
what you’re looking for is me o see my wing its flailing come upon me


KYLAN RICE has poetry published in West Branch, The Seattle Review, and elsewhere. He has an MFA in Poetry from Colorado State University.