I Saw the Corridor by Deborah Bernhardt


bodies with anecdotes begin in a national airport the early days of Homeland a same-day ticket triggering the Special Search I said please but it was not like “The Race” which I read to every Intro class because of that line break goodbye line break to my body my searcher upped his diligence when I said please then both of us very quiet but as he zipped my bag shut he said which airline, that way, run, which is a lot like the Sharon Olds poem bet I sprint as fast or faster than Sharon Olds false alarm of course

the next trip a continuum

landed then economy car the whole smiley thing about upgrading to a four door the whole scare you thing about arsenal of rental insurance so I go my grandfather is dying give me the keys procedure sped up a bit Pop-pop still lucid asked how I got there

ha not a lot else to say

did not know him well we did death alone just Pop-pop and I at Veteran’s for three days then I did hearing is the last sense to go on day three I bothered to wash my hair in the visitor’s sink but why bother I was there


DEBORAH BERNHARDT is the author of Echolalia (Four Way Books) and Driftology (New Michigan Press/DIAGRAM).