Suicide Ride by Jude Brancheau


Head pushed against the measure
and just tall enough to enter, I had to go on

the rattling Runaway Mine Train, wait
in the maze of the line, that back and forth,

see the same old strangers passing
over and over again—like the bunch dad could tell,

turning my head like a knob to their tats,
also fought in the war and need a bath

the same ones bouncing around
in front of us, reaching for beams in jungles

of angles beneath the higher tracks—
me taking the jerks and twists like a man

and keeping my eyes open by reading a back
of Cheap Trick tour dates—and dad screamed

his laughs, was some crazy stranger way out
of his seat, showing off his surrender.


JUDE BRANCHEAU teaches Western literature and English composition at Ming Chuan University in Taipei, Taiwan. He received his MA in English from Miami University and his poems have appeared in Southern Poetry Review, Indiana Review, Cold Mountain Review, North American Review, The Florida Review, Potomac Review, and elsewhere.

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