The moon just hidden —for Maureen Seaton by Samuel Ace


December 31st 12:30:01 pm

The moon just hidden we soaked in the dawn on
the steaming river and watched the mornings of
grebes and herons ospreys and ravens the moon
just hidden we walked into the woods without a
map and found a town of foundations and roads
under bits of snow a sift of shade in the corners
looking out on the river a cradle held in red leaves
a new year’s court the moon just hidden we soaked
in the steam a certain heel of knowledge all bro-
ken in tables and tarnish a stable of horses well fed
and looking to hedge the traces of crying gulls then
to soar with the green heron this time to touch an
old friend to take off my clothes and wonder at her
wonder at my changed body my chest full of hair

The moon the mornings

just hidden of grebes

we soaked a fountain

in the dawn of fish

the moon living under

steaming the hot drain

the waters the bits

of snow soaked in the heart

in the shade of the osprey

at the corners on the far bank

of your mouth the broken history

we looked of horses

at the river and restaurant

at the town china just hidden

of hot mud we were fed

we were held with the traces

in a cradle of gulls

of water beneath the swift merganser

red leaves and the curls

our new moon of herons


SAMUEL ACE is the author of Normal Sex, Home in three days. Don’t wash., and Stealth, with poet Maureen Seaton. He has received the Astraea Lesbian Writers Fund Award, the Firecracker Alternative Book Award, and is a two-time finalist for a Lambda Literary Award. His work has recently appeared in Atlas Review, Mandorla, Fence, Posit, Troubling the Line: Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics, and many other publications.