Variations on an Attachment to by JD Scott


Leviticus Who was concerned with the thread count?
Were we too sleepy to be put to death? Blood was
the color listed on the packaging, but to the eye it
was more of a burgundy, some type of wine
adhered to skin like we the mummies
built of wax. Too red and ancient to be punished.

Leviathan The bathtub was full of vinegar, but also
honey. There was a toy pill that when placed in
water, well, it grew into a gelatin shark.
It was that toilet bowl sort of blue, and my
entire tongue, how it slid up inside the gills.
What we must have looked like from above.

Levigate A room where no one eats. The green tile or the
blue tile—which looks cleaner? When the sink
leaked we skated on towels, spit into each other’s
mouths. There were fruit flies, or gnats,
how you put a bowl of balsamic out to catch them.
And too, motes, some allergen of longing.

Levisticum People make too much meaning out of gardens.
How I misheard lovage and thought this was
confession. A basal rosette of leaves as shuriken.
It was so tiny, the old bricks hovering over roots.
And then I held you like a statue, and our clothes
were locusts threaded together, alary to alary heart.

Levity Hunger or love ache. There was a lightness to
necking on the Edwardian. It was velvet and
checkered, some hail-and-fire aesthetique. How
sugardizzy I became from the Chambord. Who
knew? It’s not that I was agoraphobic. I thought
there must be conquest inside these blueprints.

Levin The porch swing gasping as frog. It’s not that I was
paid to remember a time before crone. Lightning.
The lips moving in oyster. How we loved each other
in every room of the house and knew this was
enough. How if we stood still in the hallway, there
was a trick mirror, our cardinal bodies in levitation.


JD SCOTT is the author of two chapbooks: FUNERALS & THRONES (Birds of Lace Press, 2013) and Night Errands (YellowJacket Press, 2012). Recent and forthcoming publications include Best American Experimental Writing, Prairie Schooner, Salt Hill, The Pinch, The Baltimore Review, Hotel Amerika, Barely South Review, The Atlas Review, Apogee, Winter Tangerine, and elsewhere. JD can be found at