Which Is to Say by Adam Day


My parents blessed my birth
with celibacy. An ordinary

and anxious child; I have never
been comfortable underground.

Though I was a member
of the Socialist Party for a time,

initially to meet women
as liberal with their bodies

as with their politics. Eventually,
I embraced Marxism, which is to say

I had lingering doubts
about my masculinity. Ordinariness

has become something
to pursue. In future years

I will be kept from falling
from high places by a sense of responsibility

to loved ones that will fade
into routine. I will become obese

and a dedicated philanderer—my excess
hiding, like god, the tool of my degradation.


ADAM DAY is author of Model of a City in Civil War (Sarabande, 2015), and is the recipient of a PSA Chapbook Fellowship, and a PEN Emerging Writers Award. He directs The Baltic Writing Residency in Sweden, Scotland, and Bernheim Forest.