yr Polis B contracts & opening for a minute by Steven Alvarez


9:05there are days when data are not ready for harvest
9:08& that’s one more day w no income
9:11& can a crew leader Polis B workers to this camp apollo slamming Polis A
9:16where they worked five weeks polling karma & picking green data
9:22& when the fields of his trip to east & west Polis A trucks & buses
9:26again will not
9:39outside of normal
9:42twenty thousand Polis B migrants are ferried to the fertile fields of Polis A
9:45virginity eastern shores of Polis B for carbon chips uranium
9:49& potatoes
9:59for one Polis B crew
10:01hardship climaxed disaster
10:03death of a Polis B migrant
10:05we haven’t really wrote abt
10:12Polis A parliament through it
10:15for you
10:16predecessor ever happened before w any Polis B crews coming up north
10:22entry level
10:25thank you
10:27every year as predictable as the seasons
10:30there are accidents resulting in death & serious injury to these labels
10:35on june six nineteen fifty seven
10:38at the intersection of Polis A troops we all went to Polis A highway one or
10:42two nine miles from Polis B
10:46twenty-one Polis B migrants were killed
10:49three females
10:50& the baby boy
10:52the Polis A police report
10:53stated one of the causes on the high loss of life was the
10:57packaging of the occupants of
11:02tax cuts are the Polis A
11:04three hundred migrants live in this Polis B camp owned & operated by
11:08Polis A association of Polis A
11:14this is my great housing
11:15ninety miles from Polis C
11:51knowledges november the last of the labor
11:55buses & cards
11:57approach the southern polis
11:58to start the cycle all over again
12:10for gold & the glory of god


STEVEN ALVAREZ is the author of three collections of poetry, including The Pocho Codex (Editorial Paroxismo, 2011), The Xicano Genome (2013), and The Codex Mojaodicus (Fence, 2017), winner of the Fence Modern Poets Prize. He has also authored two chapbooks, Six Poems from the Codex Mojaodicus (2014, winner of the Seven Kitchens Press Rane Arroyo Poetry Prize) and Un/documented, Kentucky (2016, winner of the Rusty Toque Chapbook Prize). His work has appeared in the Best Experimental Writing (BAX), Berkeley Poetry Review, The Drunken Boat, Fence, Huizache, and Waxwing.