When is the reading period?

Our general reading period is April 1 – July 31.

We accept submissions for the Founders’ Contest September 1 – October 31. All entries sent for the contest are considered for publication and the Editors’ Prize.

We accept once submission per poet during each reading period.

What kind of work do you accept?

Poetry, translations, and flash fiction, (500 words or less) of the highest quality.

I was born and raised in the US. Am I still eligible to submit a translation?

Are you taking previously published translations?
We don’t accept translations previously published in the United States, but we will accept translations previously published outside the United States. Please include information about where your translation has been published.

Are there any other guidelines for submitting translations?
Translations must be accompanied by the work in its original language and the translator is responsible for the author’s permission to use his or her material, if applicable.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?
As long as you notify us immediately if your work has been accepted elsewhere (editors@rhinopoetry.org).

Is there a limit on how many submissions I may make during the year?
Once per reading period. We will return additional submissions unread.

If my poem has been published on a blog or contest website, does that count as a publication?

When will I hear back from you about my submission?
Because we are an annual magazine and more than one editor reviews each submission, it may take us six months to respond to your submission.

Will you return my poems if they are not accepted?
No, they will be recycled.

Will your editors provide feedback on my work?
We wish that we could comment on every submission, but we simply can’t.

On another note, please know that we will read your work with care. If we have brief comments that we think could help you, we will write them on the note we send you.

How do I withdraw my submission?

1) if withdrawing a single poem/story, send an email with your first and last name and “Withdraw” in the subject line, to editors@rhinopoetry.org
2) if withdrawing the entire submission, you can do by following the online system prompts. Or, you may write to editors@rhinopoetry.org.

How many submissions do you receive every year?
RHINO Poetry
receives 3000 – 5000 poems, translations, and short-shorts yearly. From those, 80-100 are selected for the issue.

Who has published in RHINO?
For a list of contributors between 2001-2015, click here.

If you accept my work, do I own the rights to it, or does RHINO Poetry?
If we accept your work, we will ask you to sign a contract allowing us to publish the work and verifying that the work has not been previously published. We want first serial publication rights only, including the right to publish your poem on our website. The copyright reverts to each author after publication. Please credit RHINO Poetry with first publication if you re-publish your work in a book, anthology, or website.

How do I update my address if I’ve moved?

Update your address in the Submissions Manager if your move is before October 31 (before we close the Submission Manager for that year); after October 31, send us an email at editors@rhinopoetry.org.