RHINO 2014 Issue 1.2 now online!

rhino2014The editors of RHINO are thrilled to announce that our second installment of RHINO 2014 is online!  We continue to remain committed to publishing a print journal yearly:  the publication of the poems online in three installments (beginning 6 months after print publication) is intended to supplement and broaden the outreach of the print journal.

Our first installment of 2014’s poems went up in July and we anticipate the third and last installment of poems will be online in   February/March.

You can now find the poems from the authors below, here.


Tory Adkisson • Mahmud Al-Braikan • Haider Al-Kabi • Hamutal Bar-Yosef • Emma Bolden • J. Camp Brown • Nahshon Cook • Ismelda Cruz • Shawn Fawson •  Elisa Gabbert • Kathleen Rooney •  Dan Gutstein • Paul Hostovsky • Jessie Janeshek • Kathleen Kirk • Diane LeBlanc • Ann Lynn •  Ruth Madievsky • Thomas March • Matthew Minicucci • Abby E. Murray • Pablo Otavalo • Michelle Peñaloza • Dan Pinkerton • Laura Ramos • Gwen North Reiss • AJ Roberts • Tomaž Šalamun • Danez Smith • Frank Terry • Brandon Whiting