“How can the world be so / like a spine” – Magnetic Poem and ExquisiteCorpse from Printers Row Lit Fest 2015

We had such great time at Printers Row this year! Our magnetic poetry board was a hit and so was our exquisite corpse, rendered for eternity below!




I’ve made everything ready for the poetry apocalypse,

and I’m wearing black leather shoes.


Five book bags, ten hats. So I can tell the story

of whomever I choose.


So much to carry, each with its own epistle of homage;

so much to fear with shadows tall


as the skyline. How can the world be so

like a spine? Stand tall and be


proud of who you are.

The bouncer named Rome has returned to his hometown


of Akron

where the girls don’t need to tuck it in. Where that’s a sin.


But where untucking might unleash even more

when consequences are in store. I knew the baby would be cold,


but we needed to go.

So I left him and bought a one-way


ticket to Barcelona. The sky

tasted like almonds. And everywhere I went,


the moment seemed to follow. As I wrote,

the sun passed, leaving only my shadow


and a breeze of words I could never write down,

on my tongue, swallowed.


Things I’ve always wanted to feel and record onto a page.

We do not really need pictures


to tell a story; words are masterful. Glide me a drink,

I said, seeking, if nothing else,


simple refreshment. But sometimes images can bolster

the poetry: story luck, storyland.


You can’t judge a rhino by its horns; there’s more

to evolution than protrusions in threes.


But the Rhino had friends on the way; they’d soon arrive

and take everyone


to Botswana, Barcelona, Berlin. Ineffable as a chalk drawing,

whose concepts weep


at the onset of rain. And the White Sox lost

6-4 after leading 4-0. Turns out


the secret to evolution is things in fours. You see me

as your easy beast,


feeling sad and unhappy as you hope me to be. But control

this piece of meat and use her for your


fleshy feast. I may not be your typical

model size, but God said I’m


his prize. Pardon me if I’m not sociable to your feet;

I’ll keep being me

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