RHINO Poetry 2004

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Editors’ Note
Editors’ Prizes

Jerry Dillon Pratt – So This Is

Michael Atkinson – Notes on the Limerick

Ruth Bavetta – Sixty-seven Years

Laura Bernstein-Machlay – Hair

Keith Berry – five beers and one oxycontin for the movies

Catherine Black Cured

Sharon Black The Ex-Collector

Jan Bottiglieri – One Could Have a Cape Made Entirely of Buttons

Marion Boyer Jake, Moonlighting; Jake, Dying

Elizabeth Bradfield Why They Went

Bill Brown Coyotes, Lake County, Colorado

Mike Chasar – Somewhere Tonight As the Train – poem (PDF)

Barbara Crooker – The Deconstruction of Snow

Mark Cunningham – The Diaphragm and The Fourth Finger

Steve Davenport – Horse Opera 5

John Dickson – Construction

Wendy Drexler – Earth

David Edelman Bird and Ball

Danna Ephland – For the Girls Who Show Up to Dance Class

Kate Evans – Tilly’s Birthday Party

Adrian Ayres Fisher – Ghazal for a Dry Season

Geoffrey Forsyth – Three Days –  poem (PDF)

Joe Franchere – mater dolorosa

Matthew Frank – Animals

Jean Gallagher – Early Photograph II

Ray Gonzalez – Prophecies

Jamie Granger – Yellow Tab

Arielle Greenberg – Pentecost

Sara Greenslit – The Pale Turn Towards Between

Kelle Groom – Luckily

Therese Halscheid – Excavating Prayers poem (PDF)

Ava Leavell Haymon – Escaping the Pieta

Carolyn Hembree – Prose on Drowning My Dead Uncle’s Mistress

Andrea Heny – Sword Dance

Wayne Hogan – Con and Pro Comma

Walter Holland Ed White

Christine Horton – The Rattling of Ding-Ding’s Bones or the Logistics of Drowning

Paul Hostovsky – Pictures at a Reunion

Elizabeth Ann James – Tinselpome #1 and Tinselpome #3

Susan Johnson – Day, Memory, Lake and A Day Like No Other

Raphael Kosek – Crows

Sharon Kraus – Lulav

Susanna Lang – Sheep

Don Langford – Vivid Dreams, Antarctica

Hiram Larew – Cuff

Diane LeBlanc – Finding a Small White Feather in a Used Copy of Raymond Carver’s Ultramarine

Jennifer Markell – Samsara

Jack Martin – Without Poetry

Kathleen McGookey – Expectations; Babies

Jacob Meyer – We Are Ugly But We Have the Music

Carol E. Miller – Send-off

Rob Morris – Nepal

John S. O’Connor – Eradication:  Pulling Up by the Roots

Greg Rappleye – Gentians

Richard Robbins – Rebels

Kathleen Rooney – Pathetic Fallacy

M.A. Schaffner – Pro Patria Mori

Roy Seeger – A Variation on Sweetness

Dakota Shultz  – Street Theology:  [The Mechanism Could Be] Autosuggestion

Kevin Simmonds – The Smell of Nutmeg poem (PDF) and The Poet, 1955

Dan Sklar – Poem Here

Merry Speece – Malaria, with Robert Browning

Michael Steffen – Get a Life”

George Stevenson – A Christmas Poem

Samn Stockwell  – Account of the Repair and At the Pharmacy

Matthew Thorburn  – For Friends Who Are Married and Expecting More Babies

David Thornbrugh – Going Native

Tony Trigilio – Special Prosecutor

S. Brady Tucker – Alpen Suiss Jungfrau

Sally Van Doren – Dear

Jack Vian – My Soul, he said, Is Far From Here

Angela Vogel – Paul Speaks in Thessalonica

Matt Zambito – And It Is And


Ioan Flora – The I and A Field Sparrow

translated by Adam J. Sorkin and Alina Cârâc

António Gedeão Man

translated by Alexis Levitin

Takamura Kōtarō – If Chieko

translated by John Peters

Arthur Rimbaud – The Lice Nuns

translated by Diane Furtney