RHINO Poetry 2011

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Colleen Abel [The Rooster is Perfect]

Jim Pascual Agustin People Like Youaudio version
author’s own translation from the Tagalog

Lindsay Ahl In the Gallery – audio version

Dilruba Ahmed In the Echo Chamber – audio version

Rio Alma waiting at consuelo’s
translated from the Tagalog by Eric Gamalinda

Nin Andrews On the island where I come from

Hans Arnfrid Astel Stonecreek Pond – audio version
translated from the German by Eric Wayne Dickey

Diego Báez What Has Gone Before

Cirilo F. Bautista Song of Hong Kong
translated from the Tagalog  by José Edmundo Ocampo Reyes- Poem – (PDF)

Lindsay BellChrysotile

Marvin Bell The Book of The Dead Man (Rhino) – audio version

Aleksandr Blok [Night, street, lamp post, pharmacy,]
translated from the Russian by Laura Roberts

A.M. Brant Instead of This

Paul Breslin Catechism

Charlene Logan Burnett I Promised Not to Remember

Mary Lou Buschi Big Little Same

Nancy Chalker-Tennant Omen/Prince and Spring

Floyd Cheung Irrational Fear

Bill Christophersen Some Personas; Pursuing the Hem of Truth into the Foothills

James Cihlar Epistemology Roadshow – audio version; Rancho Nostalgia – audio version

Cathryn Cofell and Michael Kriesel The Reason Trees Don’t Talk – audio version

Esteban Colon Requited

T. Zachary Cotler When the Student is Ready, the Master Appears; Blue Eye Wake Up

William Coughlin Beatitude Shift

Lisa Fay Coutley Listen

Renée E. D’Aoust If Sappho Owned a Dog

Tom Daley After a Stroke, My Mother Examines a Picture of the Icon of Our Lady of Guadelupe

Mark DeCarteret Sabotage

Laura M. Dixon A Storm It Is

Deborah H. Doolittle Paul Gaugin’s Still Life with Cat

Rebecca Dunham Lines Written on the Margin of My Book

Maureen C. Ewing Four Celestial Dancing Beauties (Cambodia, 13th Century) – audio version

Brett FosterLove’s Casualties – audio version

Richard Garcia The Poker-Playing Dog Poetry Workshop

Brandi Gentry Arranged Man Body Worlds Exhibit – audio version

Liz Gerber Piety – audio version

Hafizah Geter [paula] – Poem – (PDF)

Colette Gill A Sister E-mails Her Brothers

Nene Giorgadze *** [Night arrives like a wolf’s howl.]audio version
author’s own translation from the Georgian, with Timothy Kercher

Ruth Goring Arithmetic

John Hart Vlado Daydreams about a Woman after She’s Been ShotPoem (PDF)

M. Ayodele Heath The Stuttering House Negro Diviner Speaks:  Heath Plantation, 1863 – Poem – (PDF) audio version

Ruth HolzerGood Enough

Michael Homolka Household God

Tim Hunt In this photo that does not exist,

Josh Kalscheur Grotesquerie – audio version

Deborah Derrickson Kossmann Affair

Genine Lentine Fire Lane – audio version

Nicholas Liu Before seeing Ugolino and His Sons at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Adam Lizakowski A poem about the rooster

Roddy Lumsden Sakes

Angie Macri Ourania, Pandemos, Apostrophia

Frank Matagrano Song of Myself in a Hotel with a View of the Pacific Ocean

Susan H. Maurer Rite Aid

Austin Mayfield Narcissus – audio version

Daniel McGee Harmonica – audio version

Bo McGuire My Mother Asks About Carolyn Childers – audio version

Ana Merino [Here begin new days]
translated from the Spanish by Toshiya Kamei

Kathi Morrison-Taylor In the Dream of My Father at the Bar on Tatooine – Poem – (PDF)

Elisabeth Murawski Little Eileen – audio version

Abby E. Murray Quick Draw

Mark Neely The Middle of the Night – audio version

Matthew Olzmann After I Introduce My Brother To Person X, I am Asked if I was Adopted

Christina Pacosz Scattering the Ashes

Abby Paige The Undefended Border poem (PDF) – audio version

Simon Perchik G1 ; G7

Jeffrey Perkins Army of Lovers audio version

Robert E. Petrick Curve in the Road (Bowen Cento)

Kenneth Pobo Hand and Clock – audio version

Mike Puican Nonfiction – audio version

Jacques J. Rancourt Messenger- audio version

Chris Reid This Is Not A Sonnet

Kirsten Rian “It’s better to know in advance that we are going to fail.” (from 101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life) – Poem – (PDF)

Melissa Roxas Returning

Steven Schroeder souls falling – Poem – (PDF) – audio version

Ben Schwartz The Probability of Anything Happening; Sacrificial Versions

Roy Scranton Hummingbird

Sarah J. Sloat Whisk

Gary Soto Campesino

Shenandoah Sowash Dress for Eliot

Joannie Kervran Stangeland The Three Rabbits – audio version

Jeneva Stone Nursing a Daughter before Work

Alison Strub Struck by a Falling Arrow

R L Swihart A Sequence of I s Contrives to Describe a Locus – audio version

Maxine Syjuco Premonition; Cages

Fiona Sze-Lorrain No Title Required for Yeye and Me

Donna Vorreyer Billy Gets the Analogy All Wrong – audio version

Jeanne Wagner Dr. Frankenstein on Love

David Wagoner Elegy at the Side of the Road

Ann Walters Pipes

Megan  Watkins High Noon, Sunbury House

Charles Harper Webb A Jealous Dad

Jackie K. White Body Cento, From the Decade I Edited: Year One, and the Last

Mary Clara White Matryoshka

Ross White Coordinates for Subconscious Travel

John Sibley Williams Away

Doog T. Wood At the Aid-El Kebir; Farach Bought a Fur Rabbit

Ellen Wright The Amaryllis Report

Zi Ye Two Zi Ye Poems
translated from the Chinese by David Lunde

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